Song's Finished.

It's pretty good, but is definitely more ballad-like then I bargained for. This song is the first one that I slam on the piano, like my idol, Ben Folds. I'm trying to fix the lyrics so that they correspond with the song a little more.

Anyways, I'm going to record again (sans my band) in late April to get this song (Eyeglass), Suspense, and Pyramid Song recorded then. Glad I'll be able to have more time to fine tune my songs compared to the rushed atmosphere of the last recording studio I went to.


Working on New Song

Really stressed right now, so I haven't had much time to do anything with music, but I'm working on a new song that sounds pretty good. Being brief today.


Give Me Your Rock.

Jay L. Musician.

Influences: too many, right now my major influences are some weird mixture of Radiohead, White Stripes, and Sublime...

I had to get rid of my last blog because I wasn't doing any recording or really ANYTHING with my music. But that's changed. There's a couple songs I'm planning on recording in a month or two... (none of which you've heard of course)

Suspense: My double-genre song. The intro sounds similar to Two Step by Dave Matthews. The first part's rock-ish, and the second part's whiteboy funk and blues.

Pyramid Song: I'll be lucky if I can pull that off in the studio. Song's a masterpiece. A masterpiece with extremely complex timing.

More on the way...

There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt.