1. It was absolutely beautiful.
2. The way the black and white splashed on our faces.
3. We watched the system fall to pieces.
4. A new one came to life from the ashes, on some other planet.
5. It was absolutely beautiful.
6. The scene unfolded before us.
7. Some sweet song of the decade played in slow-motion.
8. I touched your hand and became instantly complete.
9. I didn't care when I woke up.

1. Poetry was an evolutionary mistake.
2. It has been phased out accordingly as it
3. Contributes to neither the
4. Continuation nor the
5. Proliferation of our species.



1. Up and down. Day in and day out.
2. No end to the cycle, really.
3. An elevator must get tired of its work.
4. In fact, I know it does.
5. Once this elevator has had enough, it will collapse from
6. Exhaustion.
7. And so everyone inside is done for.


Four poems.

1.    I am a disembodied voice. It follows that,
2.     I will never have substance.
3.     I will never have answers.
4.     Least of all the ones you want.
5.     I will never have an appearance.
6.     Least of all one you’d find acceptable.
7.     I will never belong to anyone.
8.     Least of all you.

1.     I’m taking a walk in some park tomorrow.
2.     I will not count the trees.
3.     I will count the numbers on some boardwalk.
4.     I will count the numbers I see in some skyline.
5.     Until the sky begins to bleed its rain.
6.     It won't be fun anymore after that.

1.     I need to know who I am.
2.     The soul of an ex-person knocked on my door.
3.     He says “Let me in, I can tell you who you are.
4.     Who you will be. Where you will end up.”
5.     I say “I can’t be so sure of that.”
6.     He says “Why not.”
7.     “I figured you out a long time ago.”

1.     I left the house dripping in sweat.
2.     Usually it’s because of fire.
3.     I had to escape a monster this time.
4.     It was stuck under my bed, you see.
5.     It would bite at my thumbs at night.
6.     It was gnawing at my existence.
7.     It had to go.
8.     But I didn’t know how to get rid of it.
9.     So I left the house, one night.
10. I don’t know where I went.
11. But it went away when I came back?
12. Asks the doctor.



Bleeding from the nostrils
Red from scars left by the ceiling
Dying fast without a song
Without someone singing near me
"Come here it's alright."

I don't think you're the one
I don't think you're that song
But I'd really like to think you are
I really wish you were.

When you listened, you'd just listen far too hard
A construction-ridden park
All your trees are felled in part
Because of me.
Oh it's always 'cause of me.

So I will dig the tunnel
You'll stay up above
And shovel all the dirt back in
When I'm just about done.
Oh the worst fading light.

I'll see the sun for one last time
As it fades to one thin ray
And I'll think it just as no surprise
And continue on my way
Oh the worst fading light.

I will live here underground
Red from ceiling scars
I'll build a city in this space
And rub the finished work in your face
But maybe I'll just die.

Without a song, without a flashlight in the dark
A construction-ridden park
All your trees are felled in part
Because of me.
Oh it's always 'cause of me.


Tethering (Insomniac Manifesto I)

The world has collapsed from exhaustion

And gone to sleep.
The only thing tethering everything together
Is a far-off reverberation.
A grumbling howl in the middle of this once
Breathing night.
It's a little bit more distant now.
And I'm writing lines
In the bathroom at 4:1 5
Hoping that this will mean something someday.
At least you're listening.
At least, I think you're listening.
Maybe no one's listening now.
No one can listen:
The world collapsed from exhaustion.
Everything lost its hearing
From the once shrieking echo,
The movement of a Friday night in the city.
And maybe if I wait long enough,
I will see the sun.