OMFG. Radiohead have FINALLY announced their new album.

2 discs.


Disc 1 (download, CD, vinyl):

Disc 2 (cd and vinyl only):
MK 1
MK 2

I'm so excited. I just need it to be in stores. Now.

I want to actually go and get it at Best Buy and then anticipate the listen on the entire way back.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES.

Obsessed Radiohead fan.

In 6 Months Time I Have...

Broken up with a band.

Started a jazz trio.

Recorded a song.

Run X-C.

Gotten glasses.

Gone through 3 books of lyrics.

Discovered Modest Mouse.

Gone to a music camp.

Met Zane at music camp and we became good friends.

Complained about the hypocrisy that was Live Earth.

Started a myspace and have garnered a little attention from that.

Gotten over 1200 views on my Youtube profile (although I don't even have any videos yet)

Had some weird metaphorical writer's block breakdown (look towards end of July posts)

Grown more accomplished.

It's been 6 months since this blog was established, and I'm excited for the next six.



the gift of sight

Yeah. I got glasses.

I literally saw things I never remember seeing before. Particuarly the speckles on the pavement. I always just saw straight black before.

And you do feel smarter when you have them on.


you have the most hypocritical smile

of all time.


Is Anyone Else Hearing What I'm Hearing Right Now?

There's a car commercial right now that I think was meant to serve the purpose of torturing people as much as it possibly can.

"If you want it
here it is
Come and get it"

That one.

I've counted how many times I've heard it today on one channel and so far we're up to 23.

AHHH. How much do they pay these people for that much air time?




Atlantis screams
"The time is now!"
________________ (insert line here)
And all my mysteries
Metronome accusations
Adhesive applications

Choosing names from outside my box
I know what's right for my Nomads.

Some Minor Things

First off: I'm getting glasses. (mild enthusiasm)

Second off: My mom noticed that someone knocked a cross down in a yard in our town (Yay, Newmarket.)

Third off: The next song I'm recording with Angela, whenever it is, is slated to be Hoax*. The global warming theme is prominent in it, and she wants that theme in the album.

But I'm seriously losing faith in the project.


/\\//\\//\\//\\//\ (WIP)

Another penny made
Another penny saved
They all say
Thank god it's friday
and the money's in the bank
You have the fakest smile
of all time
and people still believe it
You deserve an award.


Sick to the Stomach

I know this is gonna sound lame and boring and you probably think you've heard it a thousand times before, it's just I'm mad as hell about what I eavesdropped today.

Out back from where I live there's these housing complexes. And I never really hear anything from out there except for a few kids playing around.

But today when I was walking home I heard some old drunken bastard yelling at a little girl. Judging by the screams and cries that the little girl was giving out, I'm guessing that she was 4 or 5. The man even swore at the girl I think once or twice. "Get DOWN! GET THE FUCK OFF OF THERE! GET DOWN!"

I wanted to yell out to that guy to leave her alone, but it's that fear of not knowing. I figured I was better off not interfering and just leaving the situation alone. Even as I walked home and thought I was out of earshot, I still heard that man and the cries in response. I'm a machine. My autopilot's on. Walk forward. Pay no mind. Go home. Sit down. The exact thing I want to avoid in life. I have become. Ignorant.

And now I feel guilty.

How can you just yell at a little girl and make her scream and cry? That girl is going to grow up to be traumatized for the rest of her life if this happens day after day.

They're still finding out what the world is. And if they are yelled at like this old drunked bastard did... so aggresively and so uncaringly... so unlovingly... then they'll grow up to be something different then they were meant to be.

Drug dealers.

It makes me sick to my stomach.



Just a Couple Links...

http://myspace.com/wotm- Whitey on the Moon is a band that I accepted as a friend on Myspace. I figured that they'd just be another like hardcore or emo band, but they blew me away. Might I recommend listening to the songs in this order: Lapdog (wait 45 seconds and the song starts) Joy (which is free for download) Afghanistan (very fun song) and Bobcat Man (you know what they say about saving the best for last).

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070913/ap_on_hi_te/robot_boy- for you robot fearing crazies, here's your nightmare for tonight.

keep it chill, yo.



Dead Center

For the first time in the history of this blog... I have revived a song. This may not seem like a big deal, but it definitely is. Since this blog's been written, I've probably disposed of 50+ songs and I've never been able to find them.

I wrote about it such a long time ago, I think... and I just briefly mentioned it. Look for it. (It's called Dead Center)

I never really got rid of it.
I just stopped playing it for a very, very long time.
And now it sounds good to me.
Maybe this will happen to other songs soon.

lots of broken up thoughts make a pretty picture.

Improv Sessions...

Lately, I've been doing these 20 minute things where I just improvise. It's not necessarily jazz all the time, but I try to make it so. It just helps me find out techniques, and I've already discovered a couple.

I'm especially getting good at improvising in the f blues scale.

Apparently there are these jazz sessions starting up sometime on a Wednesday in the near future. Maybe it's tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure. I don't know if I can do them because of my very, very tight XC schedule...

It would help me so much in the long run, but for now I gotta stick to my guns and do XC.

Hopefully, they'll keep going for a while and I'll be able to catch up when cross country's over, but I think I'm hoping for too much...




6 Years After...

May we remember the 8 hours and 45 minutes of September 11th prior to this.


Large announcement:

I am most likely recording again sometime in the near future.

And I'm posting up some stuff from the SYMS final concerts on my myspace. You can barely hear me in the songs I'm in, but the music is primo.


little snippets

precious little angels, stealing your car.

Death will die, life will live
Malthusians will never give

i keep the key to the door, in my back pocket.
it holds all my secrets.

iye thnk i'l get ridd of ittttttt.....


Your future's bleak, you're so last week...

School is a downer, man. I haven't done anything with music this week because of all my stuff going on with school. I haven't even PLAYED in the past 3 days, and that never happens.

We had our first cross-country meet today and I placed 39th.

Out of 41 people.


(no transition whatsoever)

I saw the keynote address for the iPod today and I started taking notes so I could put it in the blog. I stopped halfway through because I couldn't stand the BS that Steve Jobs is releasing.

First off: iPod video (or as it's now called the iPod Classic) is being redone with a new user interface, cover flow, and a sleek full metal design. With 160 frickin' gbs of storage. Few people will replace this with their iPod video because it's virtually the EXACT SAME THING with more storage that people will never fill. New users aren't going to buy because of the new products that are coming out. So overall, this is bound to be a flop.

Second: the revamped iPod nano. The new nano is actually worth getting (video capacity, games, new user interface.) BUT. There is one problem. They're releasing a 4 GB version of this) which is simply not enough capacity to hold video, photos and music. Then again, if he raised the capacity, it wouldn't be much of a nano, but more of a smaller classic. This is one of two things that I liked in the keynote.

Third: iPhone stuff. iPhone now has song ringtones that you can customize yourself and buy for a cheaper amount than a regular ringtone. Jobs says he has 500,000 songs that can be used for the ringtone. All I can say is "why not?". Cell phones aren't complete without ringtones, so I guess the iPhone has to have some too. This is the other thing I liked in the keynote.

But there's one other thing that he added that has pissed off many a user of the iPhone: they're cutting the cost of the iPhone by 200 bucks. He's since apologized, and has given everyone a $100 credit, but at the time I watched this, I was absolutely dumbfounded as to why he would do such a thing so soon. Had he not apologized, he would have lost many a user.

Fourth... and where I stopped: the iPod Touch. Not many people like this concept at all. Without going into too much detail, it's an iPhone sans Phone. It's an iPod video with a touch-screen and internet access. With the price of the iPhone going down, why not just get the iPhone? Big, big mistake on Apple's part.

I stopped watching around the part where he was demoing the iPod Touch and showing how it did the exact same thing as the Video with less features. He was struggling to try to bring something new into the picture, but he didn't succeed.

Maybe I'll get a Zune... (dramatic music)

This post ended up being longer than I wanted it to be and I still want to add my favorite line from "It's Electric, Nostradamus!" So here it is:

"Lucifer, I know you're tired and poor, so let's get you to the store, before it's too late, and you're finished spreading destruction, destruction and hate..."

The destruction and hate part goes longer than that, but I don't think you or I care.

and... print.



So yeah...

Hoax* no longer exists. I gave up on it. But a new song has been born from the rubble of all my destroyed songs and it's here to stay. It's called, "It's Electric, Nostradamus!"

Chris came over and we rocked. I'm excited about our "collab" that's going on right now.

Note: from here on out, I'm not mentioning any songs I make in particular because I always end up giving up on them the next day.

Just putting that out there. It's getting weird looking at all these failed songs in past posts.

Happy September!

Nothing new, I'm still working on the same song, sorta.

I haven't really dived into any NEW new territory.

In fact, I haven't really been working on anything music related for the past few days. Just starting up school and crap, so I'm pretty distracted right now.

Just thought this blog could use a little update.

So ther ya goe.