No time

We emanate from the starlight.


America's Got Drag Queens?

Wow. My thought that America's Got Talent is the worst talent competition in the world has been confirmed.
Some guy dressed up as Britney Spears and danced to "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Both the audience and the judges loved it. I haven't watched the show since auditions, but I think this is THE SEMIFINALS.

The next two acts were so brutally over-the-top that I felt sick. A girl fending off foes with martial arts in a pirate ship setting, and some guy dancing in a shiny, black suit with big flashing lights all around him.

This is an embarrassment.
This is why I never watch TV.


Couplet #27

There's a dark cloud chasing us with a sharp knife
I'd rather be oblivious than scared for my life.


you're hopelessly hopeless i hope so for you.

So when i'm not meticulously working on my math packet, i'm playing piano. In particular, I'm figuring out the parts to Modest Mouse's Night on the Sun off of their EP "Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks." It's such a good song, but I never realized how amazingly basic it is. It's just B and E throughout, only it starts in E and ends in B. I have most of it figured out, I just need to get the outro down and then I'll probably post it on videosforpictures. Keyword being probably. I've been so not into making videos lately that it's kind of bothering me.

Might make a video Sunday. We'll see.




Well I was looking at my Myspace, which I've suddenly started using again:
myspace.com/piccata (I put up LHC *gasp* and Dehumidifier over there if you want to go check dat owt)

I went down to the bottom of my player and I saw Internal Clock. Clicked on it. It was the first time that I'd heard it in probably almost a year. And I was surprised.

Surprised in the sense that I haven't really grown that much between then and now (musically). My voice is pretty much unchanged and my piano skills haven't really developed at all. My lyrics have definitely developed. (Although Dehumidifier has possibly the worst lyrics I've ever written... but that was on purpose)

I remembered the countless hours that I had spent on Audacity trying to make it all electronic. Oh... those were the days. (and they still are)

Getting older. It sucks.
(when you think about it, younger shouldn't even be a word.)
In other news:
First it was Sigur Ros
Then it was Arcade Fire
Now it's Animal Collective that I'm massively obsessed with. I have a desperate urge to pick up all of their albums.

I finished my summer reading notes for the most part. Now I just have the rest of the math packet to work on. I should be making videos again in a couple days.

Oh wait. No. I won't be. I'm going camping for three days. I'll be back on Wednesday... and then I have cross country, work, and then more math. Ok... it'll probably be a while, still. Ugh. AND I HAVE SO MANY GOOD IDEAS.

Good ideas:
-Dank Bitty
-Learn French!
-My Morning Routine (an idea I've had in my head for the longest time...)
-Me covering Cuckoo by Animal Collective. (I've learned the first piano loop, now I'm trying to learn the second one. I know what key it's in, but it's hard to figure out all the notes because all I have to go by is a video on Youtube. And my computer's not on the same floor as my piano... I'll get it soon.
-Me covering Lola by the Kinks. Because who DOESN'T want to sing a song about a transvestite?
-What Do You Like? A parody of those videos... you know... those videos. (*cough cough* My Life in 6 Words)

(you know what I hate? When you go to delete a letter, and it ends up deleting the whole word. Sort it out, Blogger.)

I wanna be on dis:

And that's it, because my mom's getting pissed that I'm blogging instead of working on math. G'bye.





We sat down in a bar
And all we did was drink
We sat down in a car
And all we did was think
We sat down on the tar
And neither of us blinked

I want to know if you're a spy
I want to know if I'm gonna die
A member of the C.I.A.
An agent for the F.B.I

Looking through my old CD's
You found one that you liked
You put it in my green boombox
And I saw that you were mic'ed.


I'm not gonna lie.
I'm like on the borderline of depression right now.

For these reasons.
1) Weather's been shit. All summer.
2) I pretty much can't do anything on the Internet until my impossible math packet's finished.
3) I hate my job. And I'm not happy with my dad who wants me to work my cross country schedule around my work schedule which won't work. I know it won't work.
4) School's looming in the near future and videos are probably going to come to a complete halt.
5) I'm going to need to wait until Christmas until I get a new condenser microphone. First one's too quiet because it's meant for live shows, not studio recordings. Which means that I Am The Robot could be held back all the way into next year. Which would suck the bottom of my shoe.
6) I can't write anything right now because all this other shit's going on right now.
7) I've been feeling ridiculously tired all of the time.

Life's great.



I feel so behind in general right now...

I have:
-a part of a video collab that was supposed to be in today that i have to do tomorrow
-a math packet that i've barely started
-to finish summer reading
-to work on the EP a lot more than I am right now.