Digging deeper

I love how I always try to blog when it's midnight and I'm dead tired.

- Younger Dryas has turned into a 3-part song. It's almost at the point where the pieces all fit, but it's not quite there yet.
- I only managed to record one song since the last post. Have not started editing it.
- this is because i had to move my recording stuff for the annual Christmas Eve party.
- Downloaded Person Pitch by Panda Bear. It's amazing.
- Downloaded Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros. It's not as amazing.
- Might be reviewing both of those next week for thenewnorm
- Might be making a video tomorrow for my main channel. I have several ideas. I just need to put them into action.
- Had my first winter track meet. Can't say I did that well.
- Started playing Pokemon Gold. The battle animation's so much better than Red/Blue/Yellow.
- I had calzones for dinner. Which apparently means 'underwear' in Spanish... thank you, JC.

Now if you'll excuse me...



Dryas EP

Potential tracklisting:
1. Misanthropic
2. Jonestown
3. The LHC
4. Younger Dryas
5. Paper Crane
6. Firing Squad
7. Adding to An Echo Chamber
8. Wake Up Your Eyes

I plan on recording 3 of these songs tomorrow. Along with a 2 hour band practice, and recording a video of me playing Ghostship by Menomena for the last Autumn Sessions video, it's gonna be an epic music day. I'm gonna be going from first thing in the morning until I go to sleep. I'm excited.

It shall be known as "Dryas Day."



Young Intolerance.

A conversation with a 6th grader that found my screenname/IMed me):

girl: (5:08:51 PM): lol thats good.
girl: (5:08:59 PM): at least your not gayy.
me: (5:09:18 PM): what's wrong with being gay?
girl: (5:09:34 PM): it scares mee, wait are you gay!?
me: (5:09:38 PM): no
me: (5:09:44 PM): but i have respect for them
girl: (5:10:00 PM): your a reallly good person.
me: (5:10:05 PM): why do they scare you?
girl: (5:10:11 PM): idk.
girl: (5:10:14 PM): its funny.
girl: (5:10:20 PM): not being mean...?
me: (5:10:35 PM): well how's it funny?
girl: (5:10:50 PM): idk
girl: (5:11:18 PM): im gonna goo....
girl: (5:11:19 PM): bye
me: (5:11:21 PM): bye

i don't care that she's young. the problem is that too many younger kids have this perspective. with mindsets like these, we aren't going to get anywhere in this world.



your lips turn blue and so do you

Everyone was amazing. Andrew Mello's pretty much my hero. Zanois ' set was flawless. Cocoa-Amaretto sounded beautiful. Megabeast was incredibly out of place, but still pretty funny.

All I'm gonna say about myself is that a lot of things did not go right... bound to happen, as it was my first solo show. Being up on stage by myself for 23 minutes was definitely a new experience. A very nerve-wracking one. I was very. very. nervous.
Recorded Music:
I'm thinking about coming out with an EP instead of a full-length. The thought of a full-length has become too daunting, I keep setting deadlines that I never reach, and all of the songs I have left to record have gone stale.

So I'm thinking of using the three songs that Zane (has worked/is working) on, and throw three new, acoustic tracks in. maybe something like this:

1. Jonestown
2. Paper Crane
3. The LHC
4. (unnamed song)
5. Firing Squad
6. Adding to An Echo Chamber
oh and watch this:




open up your open up your open up your throat

the underground m.a.p. project
76 Lowell Street, Manchester NH
a primarily acoustic show
with zanois, andrew mello, and cocoa-amaretto
8-11 PM
my first solo show
go if you can!
it's free! (i think)

i recently came to the realization that i'm going to have to re-record a couple of songs. Shouldn't be that big of a deal. still kinda sucks.

eliot's review of 'animals' by this town needs guns was bulletined/blogged by the band. how awesome is that? think i'm going to review I AM THE FUN BLAME MONSTER by Menomena and Viva La Vida by Coldplay in the next video.

animal collective:
holy crap. brothersport's amazing. extremely excited for the new album.

that's it. i'm really excited about everything. ('cept for the album thing. that's kind of a downer)



Time for A Blog.

NewNorm starts tomorrow, check it OUT:

I sent Zane a song a few days ago, but haven't heard any updates. After I get that back, I only have two more. Then comes copyrighting and publishing. And then comes it getting to you. Not by the end of the year. A little later.

Speaking of copyrighting, I've been looking into getting legit copyrights this time around. Lots of government jargon. If they just put it in plain speak it would sound like: "Kay. Fill out the form. Send the form, $45, and a copy of the stuff you want us to copyright. Include the titles of all the songs. love, copyright officez". But no. 6 pages of tiny, unnecessary details. blah.

Did well on his PSAT.

Is best man at his brother's wedding.

Is addicted to blip.fm.

That's about it.