Yes, I'm coming out with another EP sometime this summer.

Things I can guarantee at this point:
-Tentative title : Your Neighborhood Mascot
-There Will Be Drums
-It's going to be a lot more polished
- The style will be similar to Very Three in that there won't be an exact style.
-It'll be released sometime in the summer.
-It's probably going to have the same amount of tracks as Very Three, but it'll probably be longer.

Why am I doing this?
- Because Very Three was amazing to make
- I want to create some type of EP trilogy this year and then come out with a full fledged album next year. These are warm-ups.



...and we can share our feelings...

i(squared) feel plagued with needing to play my piano every second of my life.

2i(squared) feel happy because i'm making music that i finally want to make.
-it's not anything like what was released on Very Three, my sound has almost completely changed.

3i(squared) feel nervous because i feel like my lyric writing has piqued. Honestly, I have little or no lyrics in my new stuff.

4i(squared) feel upset because i'm the worst runner on my track team.
-i'm not going to deny that i suck at running.

5i(squared) feel ecstatic because i played my first actual gig with the band I'm in.

6i(squared) feel scared because i know i'm going to die someday.

7i(squared) feel happy because i know i have a long life ahead of me.

8i(squared) feel lethargic because i've been worn out from running.

9i(squared) feel embarrassed because i know that someone that goes to my school will read this.




Train- 6:18
Smile (It's Morning) - 10:00
Rotation 3/4 - 6:53

All new songs.
I've been writing like a madman.



Happy Birthday, Blog!

I haven't done anything on the web since Monday! So that means it's time to blog!

Changing the title soon so this will just become a regular blog.
I don't plan on writing solely about music anymore as I have lots of stuff to talk about nowadays outside music.

So yeah, haven't gotten around to making any videos lately.
Haven't had the energy as I've been running again.
Already brought myself back up to 30 minutes a day, which is pretty damn good considering I haven't run in 5 months.
I've been unbelievably exhausted afterwards, so I haven't really had the excitement that I usually have when I make a video.

hopefully I'll be able to do one tomorrow.
It's gonna be a long one composed of 293847 parts.

Very Three has just hit 200 downloads! *does happy dance*
of course, this probably wouldn't have happened w/o Dave, so giving credit where credit is due:

I've found myself writing again. Which is... weird. I've written 6 songs in the last two weeks. Which is enough music for another EP. Which is... weird.
But I'm promising myself that I won't go through the whole process again until summer. Recording is a tiring and long process, even if you have next to no equipment to do it with.

370 subscribers! I remember in July being all excited that I got my first one. *there's a blog post if you can be arsed to dig through the vast archives that is this blog*

and holy shit, i think this blog's a year old. *checks in separate window*
OMG. it is EXACTLY a year old today! Happy first birthday, blog!

I can't believe that I've been blogging for a year. I almost feel like more people should come here than to my Youtube page. But all the same.

See ya!




This is not a drill.

This is not a drill.




black smoke.


Update 1 (Long Post. you Might Want to Plug Your Ears)

Believe it or not, since my last post, almost no progress 'as been made on Very Three. The only thing that's happened is more confusion and more tracks added into the possible mix. Nothing 'as been recorded in the past two-three weeks, and I'm stuck.

I still have the ready songs at the ready to release, but the songs I have yet to record that I want to record are:

The Brilliance (New!) - 6:14
Several Continuations of A Theme (New!) - 4:11
Melting Suite (Metronome I, Train Station, Metronome II) -... Long.

If you have heard Bugs (andromeda) on my actual Youtube channel, and Apple_Baby_Bomb on Videosforpictures, than you could definitely pick up some similarities with 'several' and 'melting'.

Not sure if i put this in the last post, but I recorded the piano and backing vocals for The Brilliance. Now I just need to throw on the lead vocals for that and possibly drums.

Feeling skeptical about drums now. The point of Very Three is for you to hear songs as I hear them, without too much added shit inbetween. I'm still keeping that little drum piece in at the end of Dead Center and the backing vocals, but that's stuff that I hear in my head. I hear the bass drum in my head whenever I get towards the end. I hear the backing vocals to Cow in Parachute whenever I play it. I just don't hear drums when I play the Brilliance.

Applause is Universal could possibly be scrapped to make room for at least two of the songs previously mentioned. It's really just a generic song with one little cool thing at the end. It was made the same day as I recorded it, and I remember how to play it, but the thing is I just don't want to play it. it IS the def. of a throw-away.

Several Continuations of a Theme is a new song that I wrote yesterday. It's NOT the definition of a throwaway. It has 9ths in it, something I've never put in a song before and i left it. The most complex progressions I've ever come up with are in that song. Starts off alternative-ish, ends up funky. Me like. Me record. Me need to get off my ass so I can finally get this thing shipped to computers throughout the world.

Melting Suite i've mentioned before. I made it MONTHS ago, but I somehow remember how to play it. The reason it came back is because I played it in my piano lesson today. Angela called it one of those 'moments that you can't duplicate'.

And I can't. I tried recording it afterwards, and it was a mess. I'm trying again tomorrow, and I'm also going to get Brilliance finished tomorrow.

So it's not being set aside. It's going to be done. It's just when.


Inspeaking of that question, (Jesus, this is getting to be long... that's what she said) remember when I went a-recordin' back in... oh idk... october?
(Probably not, because this was before this blog started becoming slightly noticed)
But I recorded a song called Hoax* back then, and we're just now (In march of 2008) considering going back to mix it. It's going to be on this album that my piano teacher and several other songwriters that are affiliated with her started to plan in early of last year. It just hasn't been going anywhere. That's why I'm recording this EP, because i'm sick of waiting. Anyways, we're going to mix that sometime soon. I might take the song and put it up somewhere. Not sure if I will, I'm not 100% pleased with it even though it's been recorded in a professional studio.

I really don't like professional studios. There always seems to be someone there that's judging your every move. You feel paranoid. I don't get how famous people can record under those circumstances. I like being in the comfort of my own room with a piano and a dimly lit light. And I can just play. and there's no one around me. Just myself, the music, and a camera that hums and buzzes when there's no sound being produced. But even that's not threatening right now. I've been on Youtube and i've slowly been getting used to the camera. So even that's not daunting.

Where am I. Oh yeah. I'm blogging.

So at some point or another, this will be finished. Definitely by the end of this month. I KNOW that it'll be done by the end of this month. Fuck all of the other deadlines i've set prior to this. Very Three will be done by the end of the month. Artwork and all.

Yes, I'm releasing artwork.

OH! I should probably say how I'm going to release this. (as if this post hasn't been long enough...) Just made a mediafire account, and I already uploaded something onto it to test it (the snack attack theme song, if you don't know what that is, then there's a link here -> Snack attack.
If you do know what it is, then here's the theme song off of mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?nls9isduqel ) Mediafire is a file uploading/sharing site that's loaded with advertisements, but it's free and you can upload a good amount of stuff in one sitting. THATS how i'm going to be releasing Very Three. In this blog, on Youtube, and everywhere imaginable, a download link leading to Very Three will be available. From there, you can download the album, and you can also download the corresponding artwork/lyrics. (the artwork is a gallery of shapes made in Microsoft Paint, very... modern artsy) Once you download it, you can move the songs over to the music platform of your choice and listen away. (songs will be in 320 kbps mp3 format... hopefully)


So this is probably the longest entry I've ever written. Makes sense, as i haven't posted in almost 3 weeks, and you're probably wondering what the hell I'm doing. (You could probably care less, actually. I don't even know if there IS a you. If there is, then hey, you!)

Actually, bye you! Because this is the end of the post, finally! I can't believe you've actually taken the time to read this much, I would never have the attention span, patience, or time...