Perfect Timing

10 days until my invasion on Youtube and I wrote the best song I have ever written.

It's perfect timing. This will probably be the first song I put up on Youtube if the stars are aligned. (I think I have already used that term before)... maybe you should look it up.

Sometimes I think
The world's gonna end
Sometimes I think
It already has
Sometimes I think
I think too much
Sometimes I think
Good times will never last
Good times will never last

Chickens with
Their heads chopped off
Running around
With panic in eyes
IN PanIkK shoCK
In 2012
The Ice will Melt
The Ice Will Melt.

Are you ready.

(5 minute instrumental break)

Sometimes I think
The world's gonna end
And now I fell
That it just did
Chickens with
Their heads chopped off
Running around
With panic in eyes
In panic shock...

(build up to main theme of jam, sing over break riff)
In panic shock
In 2012
The ice will melt
The ice will melt
The ice will melt
The ice will melt
The ice will melt

(breaks down, ends)

Running time- 9:31

Nor'easter tomorrow...



Preliminary List of Band Names:

Chris + Jeff + Me =

1. The Cookie Monsters
2. Thought Bubble
3. Quite the Retort
4. Square Orbits
5. See the Strings
6. Guns 4 Fun
7. Bridges to Nothing
8. Noon Time Snoozers
9. Not Machines
10. Kung-Fu Blue
11. Orange Lozenges
12. Canned Applause
13. Untold Tale
14. Drawing Outside the Lines
15. Open Pick
16. Three-Inch Horses
17. Between the Notes
18. Pawn Shop Bargain
19. Dangerous Alien Invaders
20. Flying Rockets

Nothing's set in stone. We still have to give the list to Jeff and probably add more names before we come up with an actual band name.


Random Picture 101010011


WTF (We Terminate Fairies)

I'm both happy and angry right now:


I'm getting viewership from other countries and states! I don't know if they're just skipping by it, but hey, you're welcome here! By all means, look around. I have enough posts to keep you busy for hour(s).

I'm also happy because the days until Christmas are numbered! 18, to be exact. (stamps feet like excited toddler)

Zane has a new song up on his myspace! myspace.com/zanenoises. It's called 'Melancholy' and it's fricken fantastic. It makes me feel like I'm walking down a street at night, with the streetlamps being the only thing luminating my path. Oh and Dave (musicfromblueskies, myspace) has a new song up on his myspace and it sounds excellent recorded. Called 'Dance On'. Job well done with that.

ANGRY!!!!! Blarblebarblebarble:

I found out that if I get my FLiP, I'm gonna need to upgrade the RAM on my computer which is gonna cost a good chunk o' money. Ma pops and I are gonna go see if we can search for some RAM on Sunday and hopefully I won't have to worry about it by the time I get it. I'd be pretty damn mad if I couldn't start making videos for Youtube.

Not only that, but I feel writer's block creeping up on me again.

We found ourselves on Pluto
So then we went ahead and put our jackets on
We layed out several multi-level chess tables
And a dragon went and stole my pawn



I Need A Megaphone...

Not a microphone.

Really bad.

For one of my songs.

It's called Frustration and the Final Choice (inspired by a previous blog title). I posted a bit of the lyrics, you can see them a couple posts down.

Starts off angrily and ends up with a two chord improv/jam/blues thing at the end.

One of the first songs I want to put on Youtube if the stars are aligned. (I get the FLiP, it can record music without it sounding distorted or too distant, and I don't f*8* up a billion times.)

Everybody Dance Now.




I have enough material to release a full length album.

Lima Research Society at Imagination Summit 2

I don't even know what it's called but it's just awesome.



We treated a missing pair of glasses
Like an amber alert
We found them shining like
Gold in the dirt
We never contemplated
Right from wrong
Because we were alright all along

The second verse needs more construction, but this i sgoingtob the song i've always wanted to make.

22 days til X-mAs1!!!