Perfect Timing

10 days until my invasion on Youtube and I wrote the best song I have ever written.

It's perfect timing. This will probably be the first song I put up on Youtube if the stars are aligned. (I think I have already used that term before)... maybe you should look it up.

Sometimes I think
The world's gonna end
Sometimes I think
It already has
Sometimes I think
I think too much
Sometimes I think
Good times will never last
Good times will never last

Chickens with
Their heads chopped off
Running around
With panic in eyes
IN PanIkK shoCK
In 2012
The Ice will Melt
The Ice Will Melt.

Are you ready.

(5 minute instrumental break)

Sometimes I think
The world's gonna end
And now I fell
That it just did
Chickens with
Their heads chopped off
Running around
With panic in eyes
In panic shock...

(build up to main theme of jam, sing over break riff)
In panic shock
In 2012
The ice will melt
The ice will melt
The ice will melt
The ice will melt
The ice will melt

(breaks down, ends)

Running time- 9:31

Nor'easter tomorrow...



Preliminary List of Band Names:

Chris + Jeff + Me =

1. The Cookie Monsters
2. Thought Bubble
3. Quite the Retort
4. Square Orbits
5. See the Strings
6. Guns 4 Fun
7. Bridges to Nothing
8. Noon Time Snoozers
9. Not Machines
10. Kung-Fu Blue
11. Orange Lozenges
12. Canned Applause
13. Untold Tale
14. Drawing Outside the Lines
15. Open Pick
16. Three-Inch Horses
17. Between the Notes
18. Pawn Shop Bargain
19. Dangerous Alien Invaders
20. Flying Rockets

Nothing's set in stone. We still have to give the list to Jeff and probably add more names before we come up with an actual band name.


Random Picture 101010011


WTF (We Terminate Fairies)

I'm both happy and angry right now:


I'm getting viewership from other countries and states! I don't know if they're just skipping by it, but hey, you're welcome here! By all means, look around. I have enough posts to keep you busy for hour(s).

I'm also happy because the days until Christmas are numbered! 18, to be exact. (stamps feet like excited toddler)

Zane has a new song up on his myspace! myspace.com/zanenoises. It's called 'Melancholy' and it's fricken fantastic. It makes me feel like I'm walking down a street at night, with the streetlamps being the only thing luminating my path. Oh and Dave (musicfromblueskies, myspace) has a new song up on his myspace and it sounds excellent recorded. Called 'Dance On'. Job well done with that.

ANGRY!!!!! Blarblebarblebarble:

I found out that if I get my FLiP, I'm gonna need to upgrade the RAM on my computer which is gonna cost a good chunk o' money. Ma pops and I are gonna go see if we can search for some RAM on Sunday and hopefully I won't have to worry about it by the time I get it. I'd be pretty damn mad if I couldn't start making videos for Youtube.

Not only that, but I feel writer's block creeping up on me again.

We found ourselves on Pluto
So then we went ahead and put our jackets on
We layed out several multi-level chess tables
And a dragon went and stole my pawn



I Need A Megaphone...

Not a microphone.

Really bad.

For one of my songs.

It's called Frustration and the Final Choice (inspired by a previous blog title). I posted a bit of the lyrics, you can see them a couple posts down.

Starts off angrily and ends up with a two chord improv/jam/blues thing at the end.

One of the first songs I want to put on Youtube if the stars are aligned. (I get the FLiP, it can record music without it sounding distorted or too distant, and I don't f*8* up a billion times.)

Everybody Dance Now.




I have enough material to release a full length album.

Lima Research Society at Imagination Summit 2

I don't even know what it's called but it's just awesome.



We treated a missing pair of glasses
Like an amber alert
We found them shining like
Gold in the dirt
We never contemplated
Right from wrong
Because we were alright all along

The second verse needs more construction, but this i sgoingtob the song i've always wanted to make.

22 days til X-mAs1!!!


Every single one's got a story to tell...

Once upon a time, I was 10 years old. I went to my piano lesson as I did every Monday, not expecting such daunting news being told to me. My piano teacher had found out about a contest on a local station that was holding a contest called "Oh Say Can You Sing?".

Pretty much what it was is you sent in an audition tape and then it was judged. If you made it, you were sent to a newsstation to sing the song in front of a greenscreen. The backdrop was the american flag, something I would have highly protested against nowadays. The rest was like American Idol: All our performances showed up on TV, and people called in to vote. If you got the most votes, then you were singing at a New Hampshire Fishercats game (minor-league baseball team).

A couple weeks after I sent in the tape, I found myself at the news station. I distinctly remember rolling up to the station and seeing how bland and isolated it was from the rest of the city. It was eerie. The finalists and I waited for what felt like hours. We were given parting gifts to ease the wait. My parting gift was the game Karaoke Revolution (everyone else got crap prizes, but I, being the only under 18 participant got a kick-ass game).

After minutes that felt like hours of waiting, I was sent into the newsroom and brought to the greenscreen. First to go. Before we even started, the butterflies in my stomach felt I was being eaten alive. After a couple of last-minute preparations, it started. As the camera (that looked an awful lot like a camcorder, had the quality of one as well) started rolling, I merely stared at it wondering what the hell to do. Someone actually yelled "Cut!" and gave me a couple of words of advice.

"When the red light goes on, start singing. And when it goes off, stop singing. OK?"

Take 2 went much smoother and I was in and out of the room in 10 minutes. A sigh of relief rushed over me as I left the building, the eyes of all the other finalists gazing at me. I had the cute factor, it's almost as if I was a shoo-in to win.

A couple weeks later, the performances showed up on the station (WNDS, the crappiest channel of all time... it's since been replaced with "MyTV"... don't know which is worse) and people voted. We got a call a couple days after that saying that, with half the votes (6 out of 12, as I said before, it's the crappiest channel of all time), I won the competition. I was playing at the Fishercats game whether I liked it or not. To be honest with you, I was virtually forced into doing this. My parents and my teacher asked me if I wanted to do it, and of course, I accepted. I was 10.

Fast-forward to July 18, 2003. It's a rather sunny day in Manchester, although I'm a thunder storm internally.

"My heart is pounding faster, then it ever has before. My lungs are being crushed and my throat is sore"- Internal Clock. Yes, that is what this song is about.

After travelling through several confusing pathways, almost like an underground system, I found myself in the dugout of the Fishercats. There was no one in there but me. The announcer called my name. I went onto the field. Cheers, although no one knew who I was. It was scary. Strangers were praising me. The mic was already screeching out feedback. Several seconds of awkward silence. I was afraid to start. Eventually I did. I had no idea what "mic technique" was, so I started with the mic being too far away. No one heard the first few words. Thinking quickly and without stopping, I moved the mic up to my lips and then I could be heard. The nerves threw my voice off-key, but I kept pushing forward. I had to get it done. I was afraid to stop. And then halfway through...

"And the r------------- are"
"Gave proo---- through the -----"

The mic was going out on me!!! Scared, I kept going, on tempo, off key. To compensate for the mic going out, I started virtually screaming the song. My face was flushed red as soon as I noticed. Embarrassed beyond my wits (although it wasn't my fault, it was the f'ing sound guy), I forgot a couple of words.

During the last line, the sun literally erupted from the clouds, beating down on my red face. My voice came together, my embarrassment dwindled, the mic stopped being a bitch:


2 seconds of silence. The crowd goes wild. Nearly crying, I run off the field to my parents. After hugs and all, we sat down with some friends and enjoyed the game. After the game was over, I saw the attendance light up. 3,017. The mic went out in front of 3,017 people.

I have not had too many positive experiences as a musician :)

Musical Breakthrough/Violent French People

I just had one today when looking at... a song that doesn't have a title know that I think about it... that's a first. At the end of the song it just dives from the key of D major to A minor and then finishes back in D major. I'm not sure how it's that much of a musical breakthrough, but I just feel like there's gonna be even a bigger one later on. I'm excited, there's gonna be something big.

In speaking of musical breakthroughs, the band has pretty much officially reformed. We're already planning a song for the talent show next spring and we've worked on it a couple times. It's an original, and it sounds really good. No name yet, no lyrics, but we have the music.

Rampaging youths in Paris turn the city of light into the city of crazy rioting youngsters smashing cars into buildings.

Th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

Edit: That song that I was talking about at the beginning's called Unity. I'm so stupid for not even realizing that I mentioned it in an earlier post...



At Random:

"Sometimes it feels good to just relax. Just sit in your seat and let your autopilot take hold and just drift off into a black universe."

Thanksgiving vacation is upon me right now and it feels great. I'm starting to realize that it's only one more month until Christmas and I'm amped to get what I think I'm gonna get: theflip.com. I hate to say it but it'd probably drive this blog into the obsolete.

I've really wanted to start making vlogs for a while now instead of just writing blogs. It'd be seen more often and I wouldn't have to force myself to post. Vlogs would come so much easier. If I'm lucky enough and the mic's strong enough, I could put up some music on YouTube. That's probably asking for too much, but it's good to dream...

I'm obviously gonna keep this blog. It'd be really awkward if I just made a video of me reciting random thoughts and lyrics. That'd be creepy, not entertaining.

Um um um um um...

I can't necessarily confirm anything yet but I think that the 'Usual Suspects' are in the reformation process. I think there's been enough recovery time for us to start up again and get going. Hoping for a jam session this weekend.

A singer or drummer would be nice, but will we get one? Probably not, unless god graces us...

In speaking of God-graced talent, check this guy out: youtube.com/musicfromblueskies. He's done some REALLY good covers.

"Desire to see things as they are."- George Orwell


Tricked Tenfold with Tentative Tongue-Twisting Titles...

My day today:

12:00 PM: I finally wake up.

1:00 PM- Eat breakfast, head downstairs, start working on a song called Unity while eating toast.

2:00 PM- Intermittently watch TV and work on Unity. The song's already starting to come together, it takes the form of not having a form. Realize the first riff sounds like the second half of Lounge by Modest Mouse off their first album. Leave it as it is, it sounds good.

3:00 PM- Main lyric comes to my head: "It's time I become a drifter, wander in the desert for a while... it's time I become a wandering frog prince, drift in the open brown sea for a spell..." Frantically write it down along with the lyric "She said she'd be fine without me"

4:00 PM- the song's done and I eat lunch.

5:00 PM- I blog it.



I could tell you I have a new song
I could tell you I'm making a new video
I could tell you I'm busy with something
I could tell you that I'm pleased with life
I could tell you that I just finished writing an essay
I could tell you my christmas list.




We're alright inside
But nothing's safe outside

We all get rewarded
Some more than others

I'm too lazy to change anything

We got something we should enjoy
But now there's no time for enjoyment

I don't want to waste energy on complaints

The rest is filler.



Stop idling: Save the world.



For once in my life, I've had a nightmare.

The only nightmares that I vividly remember were from when I was 3 or 4:

1. I was stuck in a videogame where the setting was in Hell (age 3...weird huh)
2. Whenever I counted to ten in the dream, a new nightmare started. (age 4)

This one was so weird. In my dream, I was just going about my regular business when all of a sudden I saw a meteor flying towards where I was. I just stared at the meteor and almost felt this beautiful, euphoric swell come to me as it hit. When it did hit, I found myself 1,000,000 feet in the air (there was an altitude gauge on the right for some reason), out in space. And then I fell down and landed softly on African soil. From there, I found my way out of a small desert and came to a school, which appeared to be unphased from the meteor. That's where the dream abruptly ended. It wasn't really much a nightmare as it was a really nervewracking dream. Usually when you see a meteor coming in one of your dreams, you wake up before it hits. In my case, I stayed asleep throughout my fictional fate. I don't know what spawned this dream, except for maybe a piece of writing I wrote that was somewhat similar to the dream. I'm not going into the story, that's another post...

Nails is a new song that I wrote, it's a lot more clear in the message compared to my other songs...


We've been sleeping on a bed of nails
And we are too lazy to get up
We've been sleeping on a rusty bed of nails
And the infection's starting to take hold

"The opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude"

-George Orwell


Below Quota

Midway through the month and only... gasp. 4 posts?

Usually by now, I'd have something like 12-15, but I will admit. I have been slacking.

I'm actually even surprised I'm posting tonight. I just got off a 4 hour writing assignment and it's now almost 10:00 on a school night.


I don't have a lot of new stuff. I'm finally slowing down into a comfortable zone with my music where I can't dispose of it as easily as I used to. And even some of the songs I've written in my faraway past are resurfacing and moving into my practice rotation.

Nothing's getting done with Hoax*, and at this point, I'm doubting if it's even gonna show up on the internet. It sounds so good! The beginning's so disorganized, and then the drums and piano suddenly fuse together in the bridge. My vocals are still something left to be desired, but I think that's slowly becoming just my opinion. Maybe it's the fact that my teacher's virtually brainwashing me into thinking that my voice is good. Damn her. It's working.

I've been slowly listening to less Radiohead and more Rage Against the Machine. Sort of a large contrast musically, but lyrically, they're a lot alike. Rage is a lot more fun than Radiohead, but Radiohead's a lot more structured with their music.

Wow. That took 3 minutes to write?


Guitar Hero III: My First Review

The second one will come after I get the game for Christmas and actually beat it.

This time around, I played the songs that I wanted to play at a friend's house and I gotta say, I'm contemplating whether it's as solid as its predecessors. I figure maybe a review will help me settle my decision.


~32% Knights of Cydonia- It's like the Misirlou of this game only it's longer and harder. And I actually like the song in the first place.
73% One- 6 minutes in is absolute suicide.
~82% Cult of Personality- people were impersonating 'New York' so I broke down laughing and stopped playing.
1% Through the Fire and Flames- 0_0

But hey! I passed Cherub Rock, Suck My Kiss, and Bulls on Parade on my first try!


Animation: 4/10- to make a long description short: the singer is more detailed (and simultaneously uglier) than the guitarists, the bassist hasn't changed all that much, and the drummer... oh the drummer. He looks like a frickin' automatron. You can't expect that much from Neversoft though.

Songs: 10/10- This time around, they've dropped the classic rock image and have thrown some newer stuff in the mix. Although I don't understand how the Strokes, Bloc Party, Matchbook Romance, and the Killers fit under the slogan "Legends of Rock"... not that that matters. At all. The fact that most of the songs are master tracks sort of make the game lose it's live feel, but it's for the better. Now we don't have to listen to that guy that sang Woman anymore. (sigh of relief)

Difficulty: 9/10- if you make more than 10 mistakes in a row on Expert, you're pretty much restarting the song. I can see myself struggling through this game. Yay! A challenge!

Wirelessness: 2/5- More portable, but needs more fine tuning before I'll get a new guitar. There are some notes that didn't register that I knew I hit.

Battles: Bad gimmick. Lame. 0/5. Moving on.

Replay value: 10/10. This game will be played through by me more than 5 times. I'm limiting myself to five songs a day though, so I don't get completely sick of it. (A mistake my friend is making and that I made with GH2.)

HUD: 9/10. More refined in comparison to the 1st and 2nd games, but the star power set up's pretty weird. I don't even know if you can whammy to get more star power. It's sort of weird. I also like the way it tells you when you have a certain # streak.


So it gets a 73. Not too bad. The first and the second ones would have gotten a higher grade, but this is still going to be a rip-roaring good time once I get it. And there's a 95% chance that the grade's going to go up once I get the game.

[' -'[


I am the Keymaster.

It's a Long Ways Down...

So we won't jump.

2 new songs in the mix: 1's called Children, the other Irony (No Jokes Please).

'Children' only has 4 lines in it, the rest is instrumental. It's done, but I'm still experimenting with the structure of the song.

'Irony (No Jokes Please)' is a song i wrote just a couple hours ago, and once again, i'm still messing with the structure. It's a fun one. It's cheery. The lyrics aren't... but the rest is.

The sky is glowing orange
The tarmac's growing hot
So lock up all your children.
Cause they're all that we've got.

God Hates You
Verse 1:
The park ranger started a fire
The fireman kindled the flames
The winner who never won
Put the loser to shame
There's blood on the walls
And I don't feel responsible
There's blood on the walls
And I don't feel responsible

You think it's monotonous
But it's not
You think it's monotonous
But it's not
You think it's monotonous...

It's a long
Ways down
So we
Won't jump
Verse 2:
I don't even know why I wasted these notes on you
I don't even know why I wasted these notes on you
Instrumental Break

The latter is spawned from a hatred of the Westboro Baptist Church. It's not half about them, it's ALL about them. For once, my lyrics are directed at something.



I Survived the Talent Show!

Ahh... this time I did not actually play in it. I deeply regret it. The talent show was plagued by pop song after offkey pop song. Here were some of the acts:

1. 2 girls singing Everytime We Touch by Cascada (long instrumental breaks make for very awkward "um we're on stage and we don't know what to do" moments :) )

2. Guitar Hero, Freebird, Expert Co-op (they passed and got 5 stars but I wanted them to fail so bad, no prize awarded)

3. A kid that solved a Rubik's Cube in 3 minutes. (Would have actually worked had he not pointed out that he messed up, no prize awarded)

4. A 'comedian' (and I use that term unbelievably loosely). Here was one of her jokes:

Knock knock.
Audience: Who's there
Audience: Boo who?
...................................you know the rest.

Of course it was not HER that was making these jokes, it was her puppet assistant named Fred.

Another fantastic joke, here's the setup: the girl asked the audience who wanted to be made fun of. Clearly scripted, a girl stood up.

Unfunny girl: What's your name?
Poor girl: Tia.
U: Mia?
P: No, Tia.
U: Bee-a?
P: No... Tia.
U: Beehive?
P: ...Tia.

This went on for about 5 minutes before it finally f'ing ended. I had no sympathy for her and I booed.

5. Roughly 10 performances (all girls, all in junior high, (our school's a junior/senior high), all in duets) were off-key and unprepared. I spent this time to talk with my surrounding peers...

Anyways... here were the top 3:
3. Heather Demello- interpretive dancer
2. Two tap dancers
1. Mikey Lang- the ONE person that sang on key the WHOOOLLLE time. It wasn't even his strongest performance, and he won.

Throughout this whole show, I was thinking: "How cool would it be if I did Analyse by Thom Yorke and just stared at the audience like he did at the Mercury Awards?" I chuckled to myself... Anyways, to sum it all up: It was the biggest waste of 3 hours of my life, I want those 3 hours back and I want to be paid 5 dollars for watching it.

Other news: 2000 words into Nanowrimo, I'm finding myself falling behind already. By now, I should be roughly around 3750. I would be writing, but I'm not THAT determined to get it done. (sighs and looks out window...)

I took that 2 hour to live video down already because I discovered that it was very creepy and wouldn't produce answers. Sadly... but true.

Well I'm gonna go see if I can post nasty comments about those "God Hates Fags" people somewhere.




For some reason or another I am forcing myself to write a 50,000 word novel.

In one month.

nanowrimo.org- this is where the magic happens.

I don't know if it goes slow for other computers, but I have to wait about 5 minutes for each page to load. It sucks.

All I know so far is that it's called 4 Minutes. I have no idea what I'm doing for a topic, no idea what the setting is going to be, no idea when I'm going to get around to doing it. But it will be done.

'Thrown Together (Reprise)' will be up tomorrow on Youtube at the latest. Been really busy with schoolwork and stuff..........



Is nowhere NEAR completion yet in the studio. Today, we got a 2 hour start on it and layed down rough vocal, piano, and drum takes. (Although, I'm sure if we can just tweak it a little bit, the drums will stay as is.)

What's done so far sounds GREAT, and I'm far more pleased with the result than Internal Clock. Eban is an absolute mastermind behind the drums. He saved Hoax* from a poppy drumline and turned into a sweet jazz tune with a rock core. The drums MAKE the song.

I'm still looking to throw on bass and more percussion. I might need to buy a tambourine and shakers, because I'm not sure if Eban's going to be able to rent the stuff from UNH for a while.

In the meantime, I'm almost done with that reprise to Thrown Together, so expect that on Youtube in the next couple of days. I might also make a sequel to Illest Moves with Robert next week so keep thine eyes peelt.

...western civ homework. dang.



It's D-Day... Again.

I'm recording tomorrow!!!

In the meantime, I've been busying myself by working on Hoax*, Farmer's Market (an 8 minute jam that rose from the ashes of a song called "Candy Bar"), and Cracks and Whirrs.

"Catface, he's got a big catface..."

In the other meantime, I've been working on a reprise to Thrown Together. The base of it's on my Myspace, but I'm still building on it. It has that sort of Cymbal Rush distracting noise about it. It'll be up as a video on my Youtube Profile. Why? Because I feel like it, that's why.

900 profile views- Myspace
Friends: 42, I think?
1530 profile views- Youtube
Subscribers: 9

Just putting that in there to look back on in the future.

"What is this? (takes out bottle of bleach) This no good for me! I must go to the shops, yes."



How to Accidentally Make a Homeless Man's Day:

By Zane McDaniels. Excellent, excellent story!!!!

How to Accidentally Make A Homeless Man's Day

(a three part tale by zane)


A man, somewhat tiresome, lies with his hands hanging loosely off the edge of his loft bed, a half empty glass of lemonade at his side. Placed next to (and parallel with) the glass of lemonade is an illuminated red alarm clock, emitting an irritating screech, starting and stopping every three consecutive seconds. With little enthusiasm, he lifts his head from his pillow. Remaining in a bizarre sort of meditative dream state, he leaves the alarm to continue uninterrupted and walks across the room to his kitchen. Strewn across the room randomly are various garments, all possessing the same similar odor.

As he enters the pantry, he finds several half empty mugs of what once

was coffee. Yes, I realize this is my second reference to an item being nearly empty as opposed to nearly full, but it is necessary to help emphasize why this man is so unoptimistic; this man has just been fired.

This man’s name was Aaron Synis, (pronounced sĭn'ĭs). One might think that you could easily assume this man’s occupation due to his gangly physique. Most people would typically see him as a minimum wage software engineer, his elbow jutted slightly out of his skin, awkwardly. His legs appeared to be close to double than above his waist. But, contrary to popular belief, he was actual an assistant to those with autism, specifically children.

You may be wondering how this occurred, his firing that is. In one of the vaguest forms possible, he simply presented radical ideas to his fellow staff, causing them to believe he was, and I quote, “not right in the head”. They decided to settle upon letting him have a two week sick leave. Though further speaking on Aaron’s part convinced them this simply would not be fit, and that he should be removed from his profession. A temporary “ban” on his teaching license was put into effect.

However, to be more specific, this is what actually occurred:


Roughly about half a week ago, Synis entered his classroom. Although occasionally odd, Synis was definitely an intelligent man. He could decipher the finest printed code, all the while running out the clock. So it was obscure for him to notice one of his children behaving stranger than expected, and to simply leave them be. This behavior continued for some time, when Synis finally had a realization.

The child was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Asperger’s disorder is similar to high-functioning Autism, in which the child has an I.Q. equal or greater to 70. It tends to occur later in one’s life than Autism, but there have been a few cases in which a young child is presented with the disorder. In Asperger’s, one’s verbal I.Q. generally tends to be higher than their actual performance I.Q., whereas in Autism, this would be reversed. A human with Asperger’s usually has less severe social and communication deficits (i.e. it is almost just as likely for one to carry on a normal conversation with another person, regardless either’s intelligence). Asperger’s causes you to be clumsier than usual.

The child staggered to his desk, as is his normal behavior. He tripped over the ledge that stood at the front of the door, although when Synis came to his assistance, he was not surprised or worried. This was not because of a lack of caring. He had even tripped in the exact same stop several times before. The child carried on, unharmed. This was no unusual behavior.

This child spoke in the form of shapes. He would describe the exact points and degrees or length of a letter or possibly a word that connected all together. When this was too time consuming, he would simply create a mental picture, then state the degrees and turns and length of certain areas of this word shape.

Although confusing to understand, Synis could often look at a previously made chart of some common phrases he used, generously donated by his parents. The only proper words he knew were START END UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT and combinations of those, as well as all digits, and nearly every form of measurement by name.

The child said, “START UP 5 CM DOWN 2 CM UP 3 CM”

As the child continued, Synis searched on the chart and it appeared that this was a missing a phrase, most likely a picture in his head as opposed to a word, then. Synis had missed a few measurements, but thought he could still make out what the object was. It seemed to resemble a fire, causing Synis to panic.

He was wrong. The few measurements he missed turned out to be some of the most key ones.

Synis called in for the classroom’s educational assistant to head the classroom for “some time”. Synis’ voice was calm, no matter the mood, so the EA did not believe this to be an urgent occasion. They took their time, eventually arriving a good five minutes later. Panicking, Synis rushed frantically through the halls to the HEAD STAFF building, which was nearly isolated.

TANHEISER SCHOOL FOR THE AUTISTIC was three separate buildings, spread out across half a mile. Building the First: home to all classrooms. Only building to allow children. Building the Second: somewhat of a hospital, with all the essentials. Building the Third: for the Head Staff.

Several minutes later, Synis arrived. He awkwardly explained the situation, the result: Forced to leave due to, and I quote, “radical ideas”.

Now you understand what causes Synis to be so unoptimistic right now.


Awaiting what he assumed would the death of his students, fellow teachers, and a familiar piece of architecture, Synis simply lied back down in his bed and sighed.

He thought for a few minutes, eventually deciding upon this: he had no idea when this would occur, but he would try and make this the best possible day for any of those who may be affected by the fire. Although cliché, he sent fruit baskets to the families of those attending the school, which merely confused them, so they simply threw them in the trash. A homeless man named Jack would soon find these and be delighted, but that is entirely irrelevant. Well, not entirely irrelevant.

Synis realized that it being a school day today, he could not interfere with the children’s schedule whatsoever. This proved a problem in trying to make it the best day for them. He figured there must be a reason for this, and to just leave it be.

However, Synis had thought that the child’s mental figure was a fire, when in reality fire was simply the tail of the object.

It was no mythical beast. It was nothing that occurred completely unnaturally, either.

The weather had been strange lately, so Synis did not notice the sky darken slightly. The clouds seemed to gradually fade. In a few hours, the sky was blood red, with only a slight spot of yellow-ish light illuminating it until the sky was entirely a blinding orange. Then for exactly 1.873326 seconds, the sky went black. Being the daytime, the streetlights were all off now.

The child did not show up for school that morning. He was busy drawing mental pictures. It appeared to be a fire. It appeared this way, but there was a rock nearly double the size of the fire trailing this. It appeared to be a meteor.

The sky flashed white, suddenly doubling the temperature in the spot where Synis stood, as well as everything surrounding him. He saw a red streak bolting towards him. His head ached and his eyes watered. Finally putting the pieces together, Aaron realized his mistake. He could tell now what the child meant, a little too late for it to matter anyway. And as he reminisced in his own mind, he suddenly discovered all the things he had put off. All the while too busy pondering his thoughts, Aaron failed to notice what was less than half a mile away from him. At last escaping his thoughts, he blinked. His eyes did not open, and were left permanently blinking as he lay motionless on the ground.


It appeared that Aaron Synis had not failed in making someone’s last day, as he supposed he had in his last thoughts.

Just as the asteroid hit, a homeless man was busy finishing a well deserved meal of fresh fruit.


In Rainbows (top 10)

10. Reckoner
9. Videotape
8. Nude
7. Arpeggi/Weird Fishes
6. Faust Arp
5. Bodysnatchers
4. House of Cards
3. 15 Step
2. Jigsaw Falling into Place
1. All I Need

4 more days until I be recordin'.


Positive People...Positive Things


"California Burning"

Evacuated: Largest ever in the state of California
Acres burned: 420,000 +
Lives lost: 10

This has really happened.



The Dogs Are Yawning.

The dogs have gone to bed.


Blast From the Past...

I was just digging through my old CDs and happened to fall upon this: cover art that I created for an imaginary band in 6th grade.


Good times (Keeping your head above water, making a wave when you can!)


styx and stoans

Except for they've got sticks and stones
a stic ks and sto nes
a nd kni ves and g un s
a st ick s and stones
and k ni ves an d gu ns
a sick sandstone
and cracks and whirrs

I'm soooooo excited to get this song out there. I'm still working on how it's going to turn out, but this is my best work to date. By a long shot.



Long title for a song:

Sleep Disorder Center for Children Ages 6 and Up (The Little Girl that Fell in a Volcano and All of the Useless Profit She Garnered from Her Non-Profit Organizations)

Might record it.


Good News, Everyone!

(Futurama reference above)


I'm recording! F'ing finally!

October 27th/28th is the date(s). (I don't know if I'm recording on one day for 2 hours, or two days for 4 hours. I certainly hope for the latter, but it'd run up to $150 = $ I don't have) Expect whatever I record to be up on myspace the next day (although they'll be rough takes). Wow. (too many parentheses in this paragraph.)

Planning on recording (in this order):
Cracks and Whirrs
Nostradamus (if I get to it, hope I do)

Seeing as how we're going to get a full percussion set in the studio, I can just feel like I'm gonna go absolutely apeshit on Nostradamus :) !


Post script: I might be doing some open mics with Zane in the near future in the Manchester area at various restaurants/small venues.


Cracks and Whirrs

Half-Created By Me.

Future caterer of America, everybody. Watch out.


A side note (that after typing the initial title turned into a full-blown post):

Working on a new song after a couple weeks of not really giving a damn about making new music. The bass hand rhythm sounds like "Nude", and the base is from "Antipathique". I'm considering scrapping Antipathique. From the first time I played it, I knew it had that throwaway ambience to it. Although the electronic sound's something I've never really dove into, Antipathique just seems like I've played it 1000 times before.

Of course, I'm always this picky. Unless I get really excited about recording something, it leaves within a week. Hoax* is staying until I record it, it's one of the few pieces I actually still LOVE playing. That and an updated version of Internal Clock. It sounds so different when I play it in my basement compared to when I recorded it. The version on my myspace feels very overproduced and I feel like I could do another vocal track on it. It's been a walloping 5 months since I've recorded, and since that time, Internal Clock has become so much more polished. Although I never seem to play it, whenever I do play it (maybe like three times in the last 2 months) it has much more of a relaxed vibe than the recorded version.

I need to stop putting things off. It's time to go back to Rollinsford and pay a visit to Mr. Landrock at Landrock Recording. It's been time to go back there for 4 months. It's time to get something done with my music.

And I mean it.

Before you're comatose...

Mood: spasmodic

Listening to: Jigsaw Falling into Place

The dark sky mulled over our bus on the way back. The whole race was small. 37 people ran.

The surroundings were eerie: the drenched grass still-stained yellow, the air heavy. thunder from the morning in the far distance. The sun behind the clouds when I started the race.

The sun slowly setting as I finished the race. Trees standing 50 feet tall, blocking the sky from my view as I kept my eyes affixed dead ahead at my destination. People in front. No one behind. Or at least I don't think so. I never lookedback. Too asleep to focus on anything except for what lie ahead: the turnaround. Then, the finish.

Open spaces big enough to fit 15 people in, closed spaces narrow enough for barely one. Open. Closed. Open. Closed. Rocks. Up Loop down. Rocks. Closed. Open. Closed. Open.

Hair in my ears drowned out any other sound. I was deaf. My eyes watered. I was blind. My mouth sewn shut from driness. I was mute. My brain shut down at some point. I had to do a couple of checks to make sure that my mind was still in my head. No response. The only things working were my legs.

The most beautiful 24 minutes of my life.



typing w/ one hand

still trying to stop listening to in rainbows. cant

trying to write another song. cant

trying to record soon. cant

trying to focus



In Rainbows: My Review

Being a huge fan of Radiohead since around February 18, 2007, I've been anticipating this album for 8 months now. The wait payed off.

15 Step is about as electronic as the album gets. With a multi-cultural feel and kids cheering in the background, it's up there with 2 + 2 = 5 as the best Radiohead album opener. It really, really got me excited for the rest of the album.

All I Need is my favorite song. The drums are so catchy and smooth and it just builds up to this beautiful, wonderful euphoric excellence. I wanted the crescendo to last longer, and at a mere 3:30, it leaves you wanting more. But all in all, it's just unbelievable. Thom's vocals are absolutely beautiful.

Faust Arp is the shortest song and acoustic, but it's definitely still Radiohead. The guitar almost pulses as Thom mumbles melodically. It ties for my second favorite with Jigsaw Falling into Place.

Videotape is a struggle to listen through the first time. It's similar to Cymbal Rush because it has some offbeat thing about it that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the song. Not NEARLY as good of a closer as Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Tourist, Wolf at the Door, Blow Out, Street Spirit, or Life in a Glasshouse, but is still sweet. The lyrics are sad, and people have been freaking out by saying "Oh no this might be the end of Radiohead because it's almost like they're saying goodbye blah blah blah" . I doubt it. Judging by all the stuff they had on that board, I expect another album to come out by them before the decade's over.

I think that they might have done Videotape like this so the people that got only the download want more and get the discbox. I'm not getting the discbox, and I'm definitely not getting illegally, so I'm stuck.

The rest of the album is great, but seeing as how I'm not listening to the songs as I'm doing this review (something you shouldn't do when you're reviewing) I'm not going indepth on them. You gotta hear it for yourself.

I can't think of one song that I don't like on here, except for maybe Videotape. It WILL get better with every listen, of that I'm sure, but at 2 listens, it has yet to grow on me.

And that's my 2 cents on what might be the best album of the year.



Random Tracklist 2:

1. Thrown Together- 2:01
2. Internal Clock- 2:14
3. Hoax* - 6:24
4. Dead Center - 3:47
5. The Fakest Smile of All Time- 3:05
6.Nostradamus - 0:51
7. Antipathique- 5:39

I'm estimating on the last 4 times.

Thrown Together ties in with Internal Clock
Nostradamus ties in with Antipathique.

Mmm... this would be very cool.


Thrown Together...

New 'song' on myspace.

was in video format on youtube for a while.

now in downloadable mp3 format for all to enjoy.


Lx Ehqrs Zssdlos Zs Sdbgmn

(The title's a code)

It's called ANTIPATHIQUES, and all I use throughout the song is a drum sample and an electric organ setting on a $20.00 midi keyboard that I got a yard sale playing virtually two chords. The only reason the song works is because the speakers are blown, so when you press more than one note with the electric organ setting, it creates a sort of overdrive effect. very cool, it seems like it would be easy to record. And I just might...



Both Poles


Illest Moves


The best thing I've ever put up on the Internet.


Breakin' it Down...

I expect this part to be just bass and drums:

The official unabridged/bridge to Hoax*
well if i am king
then you aren't king
then they aren't king
and we aren't kings
but i'll be king
and you'll be beast
and you'll be cast down
off the rock
if you are king
then i'm not king
and nobody will just ever agree
but if we come to
a standstill
then we'll be cast down
off the rock

The ending, to any one who has a piano:

emaj7, dm7, gmaj7, fmaj7. It's very bouncy, but I can't really describe the rhythm otherwise.

(My attempt)
It's like this (each chord gets the rhythm before a change):

da da chik (quick rest) DA da da da.

And then when you go from g to f, it's

da da chik da DA DA DA (last three notes = a triplet, leads right into fmaj7)

and then for the f, the first time you play the rhythm with the chord once, the second time, twice, the third time 4 times, the fourth time 8 times, and then finish on emaj7.

If anyone on Earth could decipher what all this means, my jaw would drop. I guess this is really meant for a reminder in case I forget in the future.

Cool cool?



Newfound Sudoku Addiction:

Games at Miniclip.com - SudokuSudoku

Play this fantastic puzzle game that is taking the world by storm!!

Play this free game now!!

I wish I could just post like a daily sudoku html on the site.

I'll search around, see what I can find.


(Superscript)2 1

HOaX* refuesses 2 b finishd.

I thought it was perfect until my piano teacher brought up the fact that there was a sort of second completely different song within. So in order to maintain it's epicness, I had to create a bridge that was long enough to cover that second song, and that step has been a pain in the Bleeping A to finish.

My perfectionism is definitely kicking in right now. I'm struggling right now to find the perfect transition between the song and the bridge, and since they're in polar opposite keys on the spectrum, it's nearly impossible to find something that fits.

Otherwise, it's sounding great and I can't wait until I can record it. Unless there's more empty promises... in which case I'm completely dropping the idea of putting my material on the album. I want things done quickly, efficiently, and right. And so far I haven't gotten what I want. If I have to wait much longer, I'm just going on my own and putting Hoax* on one of my own records. Because trust me, I have enough stuff right now to record a longish EP, and I'm still remaining tethered to this project. Just have to cut the anchor loose...

A couple more weeks. If I don't get a date by then, I'm giving up on it.


Suffering From A Mental Breakdown...

The new Radiohead album lets you choose whether or not you want to pay for the download only version. I chose not to. And now I feel very guilty.

But I guess that's what they wanted to see some people do... right?

This tears my conscience apart.



OMFG. Radiohead have FINALLY announced their new album.

2 discs.


Disc 1 (download, CD, vinyl):

Disc 2 (cd and vinyl only):
MK 1
MK 2

I'm so excited. I just need it to be in stores. Now.

I want to actually go and get it at Best Buy and then anticipate the listen on the entire way back.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES.

Obsessed Radiohead fan.

In 6 Months Time I Have...

Broken up with a band.

Started a jazz trio.

Recorded a song.

Run X-C.

Gotten glasses.

Gone through 3 books of lyrics.

Discovered Modest Mouse.

Gone to a music camp.

Met Zane at music camp and we became good friends.

Complained about the hypocrisy that was Live Earth.

Started a myspace and have garnered a little attention from that.

Gotten over 1200 views on my Youtube profile (although I don't even have any videos yet)

Had some weird metaphorical writer's block breakdown (look towards end of July posts)

Grown more accomplished.

It's been 6 months since this blog was established, and I'm excited for the next six.



the gift of sight

Yeah. I got glasses.

I literally saw things I never remember seeing before. Particuarly the speckles on the pavement. I always just saw straight black before.

And you do feel smarter when you have them on.


you have the most hypocritical smile

of all time.


Is Anyone Else Hearing What I'm Hearing Right Now?

There's a car commercial right now that I think was meant to serve the purpose of torturing people as much as it possibly can.

"If you want it
here it is
Come and get it"

That one.

I've counted how many times I've heard it today on one channel and so far we're up to 23.

AHHH. How much do they pay these people for that much air time?




Atlantis screams
"The time is now!"
________________ (insert line here)
And all my mysteries
Metronome accusations
Adhesive applications

Choosing names from outside my box
I know what's right for my Nomads.

Some Minor Things

First off: I'm getting glasses. (mild enthusiasm)

Second off: My mom noticed that someone knocked a cross down in a yard in our town (Yay, Newmarket.)

Third off: The next song I'm recording with Angela, whenever it is, is slated to be Hoax*. The global warming theme is prominent in it, and she wants that theme in the album.

But I'm seriously losing faith in the project.


/\\//\\//\\//\\//\ (WIP)

Another penny made
Another penny saved
They all say
Thank god it's friday
and the money's in the bank
You have the fakest smile
of all time
and people still believe it
You deserve an award.


Sick to the Stomach

I know this is gonna sound lame and boring and you probably think you've heard it a thousand times before, it's just I'm mad as hell about what I eavesdropped today.

Out back from where I live there's these housing complexes. And I never really hear anything from out there except for a few kids playing around.

But today when I was walking home I heard some old drunken bastard yelling at a little girl. Judging by the screams and cries that the little girl was giving out, I'm guessing that she was 4 or 5. The man even swore at the girl I think once or twice. "Get DOWN! GET THE FUCK OFF OF THERE! GET DOWN!"

I wanted to yell out to that guy to leave her alone, but it's that fear of not knowing. I figured I was better off not interfering and just leaving the situation alone. Even as I walked home and thought I was out of earshot, I still heard that man and the cries in response. I'm a machine. My autopilot's on. Walk forward. Pay no mind. Go home. Sit down. The exact thing I want to avoid in life. I have become. Ignorant.

And now I feel guilty.

How can you just yell at a little girl and make her scream and cry? That girl is going to grow up to be traumatized for the rest of her life if this happens day after day.

They're still finding out what the world is. And if they are yelled at like this old drunked bastard did... so aggresively and so uncaringly... so unlovingly... then they'll grow up to be something different then they were meant to be.

Drug dealers.

It makes me sick to my stomach.



Just a Couple Links...

http://myspace.com/wotm- Whitey on the Moon is a band that I accepted as a friend on Myspace. I figured that they'd just be another like hardcore or emo band, but they blew me away. Might I recommend listening to the songs in this order: Lapdog (wait 45 seconds and the song starts) Joy (which is free for download) Afghanistan (very fun song) and Bobcat Man (you know what they say about saving the best for last).

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070913/ap_on_hi_te/robot_boy- for you robot fearing crazies, here's your nightmare for tonight.

keep it chill, yo.



Dead Center

For the first time in the history of this blog... I have revived a song. This may not seem like a big deal, but it definitely is. Since this blog's been written, I've probably disposed of 50+ songs and I've never been able to find them.

I wrote about it such a long time ago, I think... and I just briefly mentioned it. Look for it. (It's called Dead Center)

I never really got rid of it.
I just stopped playing it for a very, very long time.
And now it sounds good to me.
Maybe this will happen to other songs soon.

lots of broken up thoughts make a pretty picture.

Improv Sessions...

Lately, I've been doing these 20 minute things where I just improvise. It's not necessarily jazz all the time, but I try to make it so. It just helps me find out techniques, and I've already discovered a couple.

I'm especially getting good at improvising in the f blues scale.

Apparently there are these jazz sessions starting up sometime on a Wednesday in the near future. Maybe it's tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure. I don't know if I can do them because of my very, very tight XC schedule...

It would help me so much in the long run, but for now I gotta stick to my guns and do XC.

Hopefully, they'll keep going for a while and I'll be able to catch up when cross country's over, but I think I'm hoping for too much...




6 Years After...

May we remember the 8 hours and 45 minutes of September 11th prior to this.


Large announcement:

I am most likely recording again sometime in the near future.

And I'm posting up some stuff from the SYMS final concerts on my myspace. You can barely hear me in the songs I'm in, but the music is primo.


little snippets

precious little angels, stealing your car.

Death will die, life will live
Malthusians will never give

i keep the key to the door, in my back pocket.
it holds all my secrets.

iye thnk i'l get ridd of ittttttt.....


Your future's bleak, you're so last week...

School is a downer, man. I haven't done anything with music this week because of all my stuff going on with school. I haven't even PLAYED in the past 3 days, and that never happens.

We had our first cross-country meet today and I placed 39th.

Out of 41 people.


(no transition whatsoever)

I saw the keynote address for the iPod today and I started taking notes so I could put it in the blog. I stopped halfway through because I couldn't stand the BS that Steve Jobs is releasing.

First off: iPod video (or as it's now called the iPod Classic) is being redone with a new user interface, cover flow, and a sleek full metal design. With 160 frickin' gbs of storage. Few people will replace this with their iPod video because it's virtually the EXACT SAME THING with more storage that people will never fill. New users aren't going to buy because of the new products that are coming out. So overall, this is bound to be a flop.

Second: the revamped iPod nano. The new nano is actually worth getting (video capacity, games, new user interface.) BUT. There is one problem. They're releasing a 4 GB version of this) which is simply not enough capacity to hold video, photos and music. Then again, if he raised the capacity, it wouldn't be much of a nano, but more of a smaller classic. This is one of two things that I liked in the keynote.

Third: iPhone stuff. iPhone now has song ringtones that you can customize yourself and buy for a cheaper amount than a regular ringtone. Jobs says he has 500,000 songs that can be used for the ringtone. All I can say is "why not?". Cell phones aren't complete without ringtones, so I guess the iPhone has to have some too. This is the other thing I liked in the keynote.

But there's one other thing that he added that has pissed off many a user of the iPhone: they're cutting the cost of the iPhone by 200 bucks. He's since apologized, and has given everyone a $100 credit, but at the time I watched this, I was absolutely dumbfounded as to why he would do such a thing so soon. Had he not apologized, he would have lost many a user.

Fourth... and where I stopped: the iPod Touch. Not many people like this concept at all. Without going into too much detail, it's an iPhone sans Phone. It's an iPod video with a touch-screen and internet access. With the price of the iPhone going down, why not just get the iPhone? Big, big mistake on Apple's part.

I stopped watching around the part where he was demoing the iPod Touch and showing how it did the exact same thing as the Video with less features. He was struggling to try to bring something new into the picture, but he didn't succeed.

Maybe I'll get a Zune... (dramatic music)

This post ended up being longer than I wanted it to be and I still want to add my favorite line from "It's Electric, Nostradamus!" So here it is:

"Lucifer, I know you're tired and poor, so let's get you to the store, before it's too late, and you're finished spreading destruction, destruction and hate..."

The destruction and hate part goes longer than that, but I don't think you or I care.

and... print.



So yeah...

Hoax* no longer exists. I gave up on it. But a new song has been born from the rubble of all my destroyed songs and it's here to stay. It's called, "It's Electric, Nostradamus!"

Chris came over and we rocked. I'm excited about our "collab" that's going on right now.

Note: from here on out, I'm not mentioning any songs I make in particular because I always end up giving up on them the next day.

Just putting that out there. It's getting weird looking at all these failed songs in past posts.

Happy September!

Nothing new, I'm still working on the same song, sorta.

I haven't really dived into any NEW new territory.

In fact, I haven't really been working on anything music related for the past few days. Just starting up school and crap, so I'm pretty distracted right now.

Just thought this blog could use a little update.

So ther ya goe.



The Story of A Hoax

I am completely in love with one of my songs (for the first time in a while). It's called Hoax*.

Inspired by a news article that I found in Newsweek (I was at the orthodontist's, ok?). The front page read Global Warming is a Hoax*. I thought that was pretty cool so I ran home and put the title down on paper and didn't do anything for a couple weeks. At this point, I was still trying to configure 7 (I've since given up on it) and a piece of it evolved into Hoax*.

A week later, it was ready. (I made the last adjustment about 5 minutes ago.)

The only problem is that the rhythm in the left hand is virtually identical to Down is the New Up. (from the basement version) It has virtually no other similarities (it's not even in a minor key), but that one small detail is bugging me a lot.

But all the same, it's a song I would play 3957 times before I got sick of it.

So there ya go.

I am so sick of not recording. I think this would sound really good recorded, although I can't think of a drumline for it.

I'll work on it.



Superstition Will Be The End of Me...

If you believe in things
That you don't understand
Then you suffer...

Summarizes the problem I'm having with it right now.

It's a song that has an extremely complex rhythm. (eighth rest, note, sixteenth rest, note) (eighth note tied to a sixteenth note)

It's frustrating to play, but you're rewarded greatly when you get the rhythm down.

I'm getting there.

And remember kids:



1 new messages

Chris and I are probably going to get together sometime soon to have a "jam sesh".



Not Recording

Until fall.

Come on.


1. i'm the only singer-songwriter ready to record in the group.

2. the guy we're recording at only does a minimum of 4 hours per appointment. and i don't have 4 hours of material to record.


God, i'm running out of places to go.

Maybe now that I'm not recording, I can go back up to Zane's...



I have a hedgehog.

He's at the bottom of the page.

Click on him, he does hedgehog related things.


Couple New, Important things

Computer's being weird, so we have to put up with Arial font in today's post. :(


Thing 1: I have a neocounter! Whatever you see, to the right of your screen (->) subtract almost all the Manchester views, because I was testing if it counted my views... and it does. (fart noise)

Thing 2: (and much, much more important, btw) The collaboration with Zane and I has officially gotten underway. We worked on something like 8 or 9 songs yesterday.

Some of it was just random jamminess. (Yes, I said jamminess.)

Enlarge my default pic on myspace, and you'll see what actual songs we're working on. (You'll notice that some are covers...)

Zane has everything at his house: a miniature drum set, (that functions like an actual drum set) a keyboard with over 500 settings, sleigh bells, maracas, a chord organ, a glockenspiel, a stand up bass that's literally a cardboard box with two strings, many an acoustic guitar, amps, mics*, a recording studio that runs on batteries, a violin... thing that looked like a stick, and today, he got his banjo. It's absolutely unbelievable. He doesn't even have to leave home to record, which I am very, very jealous of.

We wanted to record yesterday, but the batteries to his recording studio died, almost soon as we turned it on. (Damn AAA batteries...)

But you know what? It felt good to practice and get the ideas a-flowin'.

Wanted to meet up with him next week, but odds are, I'm not gonna be up to Manchester until September.

Thing 3: I am recording next week, but I have absolutely no idea what to record.

Several options here:
1. Toy Platoon: I could either record it and then do a version with Zane, or I could just do the version with Zane.
2. Internal Clock: It's done. But there's always the chance that I might want to add drums.
3. 7: My poppy song. I think I might save this for solo.

4. Insomniac: The song I recently forgot about that's lullabye-ish. Also saving for solo.

I'm talking too much. Bye.



{What A Sad Place to Be}

C (add 9)
Am (off and on)
^ ^
It's a very basic progression without the Eb and F#.

It feels like Down is the New Up and the Tourist (both by Radiohead) to me. I bought OK Computer (finally) and have been listening to it absolutely non-stop, so that's where a lot of my influence has been coming from lately in my writing. The album is a masterpiece. Get it. (Unless, of course, you already have it)



(no title) for lack of a better title.

lifeless, but still supported
the memories go way back
don't look at me like that
you know exactly what you did
currently watching radio
currently waiting on it all to close
now no one knows how this will end
or what we're going to end up doing

when i am on the last steps (last legs?)
i will fall down

one left goes right
two rights go north
three rights go left
four lefts go nowhere

cold-blooded killer
the punches fall out front
don't call me out like that
you know exactly what I said
currently singing hymns now
the meteorite's in sight, all right, all right
people still worried
about who will lose and who will win tonight.

When I am on the last steps
I will fall down

the screech of feedback
the mindless crying
that all your dogs make
at a tin-can whistle.

(by the way this song was originally 7, but I made a billion changes to it, so by the time i was done with it, it was a completely different song. it's rhythm, chord progression, lyrics, timing, and feel is COMPLETELY different. it's almost popish...)

Sucking Wind

--...---789---- tired=23b message 203957---1==2=2350? we're 2q9028375watching2039-12039582305 always /////.?!watching132512[][2]3n[=-123 ots of html # 0091(1999)09235====1-3 =3 29jawe03open2305-=-q235/q.23b5.=p.hkthisisit.



Good progression

Am augmented
Dm9 (add 7)

That's the intro to my song "7". (Yes, I finally broke down and made a new song)

The verse is the same thing sans the Am augmented chord (makes it atonal otherwise)

The chorus is in 7/4, the verse in 3/4, the bridge in 4/4.

Chorus: (sung)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (x8)

Nifty, huh?

It's not really a fun song to play, but it's really technical.


The flan in the face

I haven't made a new song in a while.

Haven't really felt the need to.

For the first time in a while, I'm content with the songs I have.

Maybe because I haven't been playing them as much as I did.

Tip: Don't try those banana creme and peanut butter reese's. They taste like crap.



EP possibilties:

Zane and I are considering releasing an EP featuring... well... us.

Song thoughts:

Satin in a Coffin
Internal Clock
Unnamed song of his
Wolf at the Door
a wilco song
Toy Platoon


Whoa Whoa Whoo Whoa

Weird. I just said that I probably wasn't gonna record before summer ends a few hours ago...

Well I was wrong. I'm recording the 26th.


Multiple choices too... I gotta decide one. Or two. Or 29385710923857.

Lack of Postage.


I was somewhere else, away from a computer.

You can't always be next to one.

For some reason, at this point, I'm waiting for summer to end. I like the feeling of looking forward to weekends instead of them just being another ordinary part of the week.

The sky's white right now, and it has been for the past couple days. No clouds, white. highfog.

My plans on recording before school starts might be dashed. 3 months and 6 days since I last recorded. I can't take much more waiting. I'm serious.

Well all's not well, but I'm told that it'll all be quite nice
They'll drown you in boots like Mafia
But your feet will still float like Christ
And I'll be damned.
They were right.
I'm floating upside down
My feet afloat like Christ.


My God...

I'm on a roll.

Signal Flare
Signal Flare (Reprise) (which I think is better than the actual song)
Down Is The New Up
Toy Platoon

Down is the New Up is a cover of a Radiohead song. Yorke's falsetto is ridiculous in this song, but I think I might just be able to pull it off. If you've never heard it go to my youtube account and check my favorites. It should still be on there.

Signal Flare, as I already told you is a quick 3 minute song. It's a pretty unique song, at the end I have a quick little solo in 5/4, and I think it's the only song I've written where I actually have a noticeable dynamic change.

The reprise is an instrumental divided into 3 equal parts (1 minute each): Part 1 is a chord progression I found out about that I really like: Gm, A, Dm, C, Bb. I pretty much just solo on it. Part 2 is just a buildup with the chords Gm, Bb, F, C which leads to part 3: which is the same chords only it has a melody on top of it instead of me just improvving. (I think that's how you spell it.)

And Toy Platoon's gonna be a fun one for the drums.


Let it Be Known That On August 2nd, 2007:

I jammed on a song for over 20 minutes.

To a new song called "Signal Flare" that's less than 3 minutes.

Total Time: 23:06.






WB = lone exception.

Complete Stand-Still

Listen to the ambience around you.

You hear that? That's the sound of me right now. Ambience. Near-silence.

My mind has stopped coming up with anything creative, I'm resorting to little kid lines, doing more and more simplistic music and lyrics, driving me to the point of writer's block.

I'm writing this on a laptop (that someone was kind enough to lend me) in a diner right across the street from the Point. A couple of men are peering around at their surroundings, most likely stuck in the same position as me. One has a guitar, seeming desperate to write something. He's in probably his mid 30's, and he looks well past his prime. He would never get his chance at stardom now, which is what you can tell he clearly wants. Another sips his coffee and has a pen in hand, writing what is almost guaranteed to be lyrics. 5 minutes later, he's out of the diner, and most likely out of town too.

Writer's Block Point is not a pretty sight. It's views are covered with murky fog, it's waters are green and brown, and nothing can really inspire you out here. But this is where my music has brought me, and I have to wait for it to drive me back. Home, to where I can actually start coming up with complex chord progressions and lyrics that aren't so shallow.

The water is shallow here at the Point. There's no one here, everyone that drives by, drives by in disgust. Lyrics that come to my head here slowly evaporate into the thick air. It's like the fog sucks it out of my head almost. This low atmosphere's starting to bring me down a little bit.

Writer's block has given me inspiration to write before, but this time, it's really punishing me. So maybe I can write something about not being able to write anything. It might be a few more days before they finally think I've learned my lesson, it might be a few hours, but for now, my music and lyrics are making sure that I can't write anything.

A waitress's cigarette smoke is distracting me, so I have to get out of this shabby restaurant and go back to waiting. Maybe I can finally wake up from this nightmare now.



POST #100!

I never thought I could keep this going for so long...

4 months... wow.

By the way, I burned my hand... again. On the same oven. Making the same thing.

This time, though it was only 1st degree.

1st degree - no blister
2nd degree- blister
3rd degree- skin turns black

... I think.

So anyways... HAPPY 100th POST from the people that run this blog... as in... just me.



Check Him Out...


Zane is the definition of coolness.

He's releasing his newest album "Songs Inspired By Things That Inspire Others" sometime next week. Excited about that.

We're in talks of doing a cover of Bukowski by MM.

In the meantime, I just posted Internal Clock up on Da Myspace. Bonkers about that, because now I don't have to post my music in video form anymore.

On another side note, I created a little ending to Cyanide Lightyear that's like a lullaby... and strangely might be the most musical song I've created.



Technical Difficulties...

I'm having trouble getting Internal Clock onto myspace for some reason.

It'll be up soon. I hope.


Jay's Got A Myspace!



Goof Troupe...

Cyanide Lightyear ends in E flat major, not A flat major.


Back From SYMS...

And it kicked ass.

I was in the jazz band, played three songs.
Opus One, Autumn Twlight, Afro Blue.
Messed up a lot, but nobody heard me anyways.

Skipped my piano recital.

Made some new friends.
Met a kid named Zevi. He was sketchy.

Took theory class, teacher's name was Carl.
He was cool.

Hung out a lot in the dorms we stayed in.

During the week, went to John Mayer/Ben Folds concert.
That was awesome.

Ben Folds was better.

Ate Wheatables.
They went stale. :(

Wrote a song called Cyanide Lightyear.
Starts in C minor, ends in A flat major.

There was a dance and a barbershop quartet group thing there.

Acquired a better taste of jazz.

Still hate classical.

And that was my week.