sweet pastoral nothings

to think that we were just here, sitting together on the rocks of a river - a clear day. before us was the stream, the mountains, and infinity, all wrapped into a narrow passage carved out by thousands of years of currents. but now i'm still here and you're back home - three hundred hours away. and before we know it, this river will freeze over but both of us won't be here to see it in the winter. sure, we will be together again, but far away from this place. we won't have any means of getting here. and the nightmare begins, the thought that we might see this infinite backdrop in the summer again, but never in the winter.

and the water of the river folds and refolds itself - over and over again.

what june was like

"trevor's doing the right thing... he's got his hand over his heart."

my mom's watching the local high school's class of 2012 graduate for the fourth or fifth time on public access. melissa sings the national anthem, tyler makes a speech, and so on...

i've started a new job. part-time sales associate at old navy. it's not that bad -- the people are friendly and helpful, the work is simple but enjoyable, and i'm not isolated from the rest of the world as i earn money, unlike my last job as a custodian at a storage place.

she's changed the program to i love lucy. my mother's calling her mother. 

i wish i had a blank CD. but i used them all up. to make + sell compilation discs for the shows i've been playing. the shows were great, by the way. finally capturing a lot of energy in my live performance, primarily thanks to nick, my drummer friend. but due to a lack of transportation, i don't know if i'll be doing anymore this summer, which is sad.

just about an hour ago, i released a new split EP with my friend Eliot (Bloodsport). we made ambient/noise/experimental songs for this release. it's harsh and difficult at points, but it's balanced out with quiet and peaceful bits. give it a shot by clicking the album art below:

the cool part is that we're selling this on cassette. if you're interested, let me know somehow and i'll let you know when the tapes are ready.

and that's been June for me.

i'm going.




Black Rice (Women cover)

Posted a cover. One of my favorite songs right now. Word up.

Black Rice (Women cover)