I honestly don't know what I'm doing with this EP anymore. In fact, I don't even know if it's going to be an EP!
I FINALLY got around to recording the piano track to "The Brilliance" (a whopping 6:30) but I still have to lay down vocals and the drums i promised. (and need, the song would be pretty bland without drums).

And another set of lyrics have come to my attention that sound really good paired with a riff I composed. (called Career Fair) but that would bring me up to 10 songs (well... 7 minus the interludes) which is sort of an LP. Blagh. I don't know! It's not going to be out in the next two days like I thought it would last post.

To think I was one song away from finishing and now I'm stuck. *long series of swears*

It'll be worth the struggle. But for now I'm just in a really pissy mood.

Wish me luck.
I still want this done by the end of February.




It's so close, that I can taste it. Which really makes no sense because plastic has no flavor.

I just wrote the last song to make the EP. It's called "The Brilliance of Four" and is about an old man that never leaves his house, therefore being heavily misunderstood. He claims that he's not as crazy as he seems, but then he describes a dream in which a young girl comes into his house. She starts looking for things that would help debunk some of the theories about the man. He catches her, and he forces her to become his wife. (as in stay with him forever) Heehee. I love telling stories with songs. I should do it more often.

It's by far the longest song I've written in a while, topping 6:10 most of the time I play it. It's gonna build up, and it's going to be the only song on the EP to have a snare drum sound in it. (Dead Center has bass and cymbal)

Still requires a little more tweaking before I can record it. It needs to have an epic finish to match the epic build-up. And my camcorder keeps going through batteries like (insert analogy here)

Give me a week, and it'll be done.



Nuclear Winter


how to distribute...how to distribute...


Stuck To the Present Tense.

Ugh... almost there. I'm taking my time with Dead Center. I just got a drum track in there. (It's just bass drum, but I really like how it sounds) Adding supplementary vocals tomorrow. This and Cow in Parachute are the two best on here thus far. Right now:
6 songs
2 interludes
we're getting there.
2 more. The anticipation's killing me.




Another old song has returned to make it onto the EP. Titled Dead Center. The only thing is that the only similar thing about the song is it's lyrics and it's title. The sound is completely different. The song was originally a jazzy, tripping over itself 5/4 piece, but now it's almost taken on a country sound. The good thing is that it sounds MILES better than the other version (which I believe I wrote back in April of '07, it's in the blog somewhere). It's also one of only two songs on the EP so far that extend past 4:00. The rest of the songs hover around the 2:45-3:30 mark, which is good. Back when this blog began, I'd always write songs that went on for a good 5-6 minutes. Those days are over. it feels a lot better to write more succinct songs than writing songs that drift for 4 minutes and go nowhere.

Something's getting done finally. And i'm doing it by myself.

Edit: Dead Center's no longer on this blog, I think. Sometime last year I did a clean out of song updates that were all of 2 sentences. I thought the songs were obsolete. One of those songs was Dead Center. Shows what I know.




Fourth/fifth? songs in the book(s)

title: Applause is Universal
Length: 3:02
Description: it starts off sounding like Life in A Glasshouse, but then the sound turns from sophisticated to extremely loud within 2.5 minutes. Perfect for parties. not really.

Title: The Wanderer
Length: 7:38
Description: I just seem to wander in this one.
Reason: I put this back into the tracklist because I spent ages working on creating the sound around it for it to go to waste. It has that annoying popping sound, but it's the only one with it so it can be an exception.

Looks like I'm gonna be done in a week or two.



Third song in the books!

I wrote it a while back. I think it's mentioned once or twice in this blog. It's called "7" and I like it in its recorded phase.

But I'm still really dwelling over Cow in Parachute. That is my masterpiece right now. Also still dwelling over whether or not drums should be injected into this EP or not. Also dwelling over whether or not 7 should have backing vocals. Ahh... so much to dwell over!

This is probably definitely going to be out before February ends at the rate I'm going. I can't wait to create it.

I'm gonna be posting a video on my regular channel sometime tonight. Should be good. It's not gonna be as random as my other videos... but it's still gonna be unfocused. REALLY unfocused.

youtube.com/ofarevolution441 if you're new to my life.
http://youtube.com/videosforpictures if you're new to my music.




The second track is done. It's entitled "Cow-in-Parachute" and I love it. I both wrote and recorded it today.

No I'm not doing the RPM challenge, but it feels like it. I want this EP finished by March.

Anyways you know why I'm excited?

Cause it's the first time I've recorded my vocals separately since I've put up videosforpictures!

And it sounds great, because the original track that I play and sing on acts as the perfect backing track. And you don't have to strain your ears to hear what I'm saying. I'm really happy.

As much as I want to put it out, I'm holding back because I'd rather put all the songs out at once. (giggles at the secret I'm keeping from you)

Band's doing good. we're meeting up this week. Stone Church hopefully in a month. W00t!

(I just realized I broke my rule of updating every Wed... oh well. It's worth it)

(jumps up and down from excitement)




*Quick update/pre-rant*

I'm now going to update the blog every Wednesday. Just so you know when to flock to the page and when not to.


I'm completely redesigning the tracklisting on my EP. NONE of those songs are going to be on the final cut. Instead, I'm recording the next seven songs that I write and then putting them on disc. It's still called 'Very Three' and the album art still stands as is. So far, all I know is that the first track's going to be "Big Damn Buildings" and the last track is going to have a minute and a half of hidden noise at the end. I have a beginning and an end. Now for the middle. Ugh.

So pretty much, my dreams of putting out an EP are going to have to wait for a month while I write seven more songs to record.

If you're wondering how I record with my camcorder, the process is the following easy 10 steps:

1. Download an MPEG4 converter and Audacity (optional) if you don't have them.
2. Record your song with your camera.
3. Upload the video to your movie editor/maker. (I have WMM...)
4. Publish it.
5. Open the converter.
6. Convert the video file to WAV.

My converter's the Allok MPEG4 Converter Trial. The bit rate only goes up to 320 kbps, you can stop here, but you won't be getting the best quality.

The files I convert are usually WMV but you can also convert AVI and several other types with the converter I have.

7. Open Audacity and then open your song file.
8. Tinker around with it. (i.e. amplifying)
9. Export as WAV. You now have a 1411 kbps (roughly) WAV file.
10. Burn disc. You now have a single.

Um so yeah... expect me to be bragging about my EP within a month. I'm very excited to start doing this. In fact, I might just go write a song... right now.

But first, checking out Zane's blog.
And then checking Youtube.
And then doing my homework.
Then I'll write something.





t's a beautiful dayin the neighborhood.

lack o'=f in spration.
lack o'=f writing.
lack o=f' posting.

I'm in tha process o' designin' an EP 4 ur viewing pleasure, but I'm re-recording the songs so they are not things u have already heard and because the v4p stuff that's been put up = of a low quality.


one. Crickets
two. Inboxes
three. Internalclock
four. Bugs(andromeda)
five. Apple-baby-bomb
six. Devil'sO2
seven. ThedayIleftTown
eight. thewanderer + noise.

Title: Very Three.

Keep it fresh
Keep it real
Keep it down.