Holy Crap.

That's all I have to say.


Just because you feel it

Doesn't mean it's there.


Two posts in one day? How uncommon!

Making a new video tomorrow.
Will include
-information on the new EP for people that didn't get the hint in the last video.
-Awesomefest promotion
-And much, much more! (Not... really.)

New song in the mix:
Adding to an Echo Chamber.
I tried an early take with inaudible vocals. just wanted to get it recorded so I could fiddle with it in Audacity.
I expect that if it's on the album, it'll get expanded to about 6 or 7 minutes of pure noise but here's a more tolerable, 2:30 version of it:





I'm entering all my lyrics (as in, whenever I write a new song) into songmeanings.net, which is a website where you can enter lyrics and people comment on them talking about their meanings, etc. Doubt that anyone will ever comment but it's cool to see your lyrics on a lyric site nonetheless!

I'm on there under the alias Videosforpictures. Which I think might be a permanent alias now that I have 100 subscribers under that name on the Youtube account. Might as well keep it.



P.S. Thanks for the comments, Dave and Charlie (with a C) on my last post. Ya cheered me up!




Bad event after bad event after bad event

The first bad event:
the track meet I had yesterday. I was in the 4x100 relay, an event I had never previously done before. I had to do the event because I wanted to run but I didn't qualify for my event.

I was not ready for my handoff. I started jogging when I should have started running. When the handoff was complete, I took one or two steps out of my lane, usually a disqualification. Luckily, no one saw this. So then I ran the event, passed it off, and I was done. Possibly the worst I've run all season: yes. Because I had no idea what to do for the event.

The second bad event:
On the same day, I had a talent show. I and the other two Snoozers, hats and all, took to the stage of talent night '08 at our junior/ senior high school. We landed third place, which isn't bad. What's bad is that we were beaten out by a fashion show and a dancer that's won like 348,000 times already. Maybe it's my ego talking, but I think we should have at least gotten second place. Sure, we all had small mistakes, but no one in the audience seemed to notice. They were mistakes that only we could have picked up because we've played the song so much. Afterwards, I was in a bad mood and didn't really want to talk to anyone because I felt like we got punched in the face by the judges. One of my best friends ran up to me and gave me a hug but I just sort of shrugged it off. (friend = girl, just setting that straight) However, I willingly gave her a sister a hug. Friend was not very happy about this.

The third bad event:
Previously mentioned friend and other friend went to see the new Chronicles of Narnia without me. We had already planned it that we were going today. When I logged onto AIM this afternoon, I read 'other friend's' away message that read: JAY IF YOU'RE GOING TO THE MOVIES YOU BETTER CALL NOW followed by her cell number. I quickly realized that her cell phone number was the same one that called my phone. I didn't recognize the number so I just let it ring. Stupid mistake. Next to the away I saw that she was idle, meaning she was probably already at the movies with 'previously mentioned friend.' I read previously mentioned friend's away message which read something like: Going to movie with (other friend) and over hers after. Apparently Jay's not coming because he went AWOL on us.

Apparently they weren't trying very hard to contact me. All I got was one call.





Hyde Park/Reinbeck, New York

The scenery was breathtaking. It was worth the 10 hours of driving.
When I re-entered my town, I wanted to turn around and go back.
My new favorite place.


Just played through the tracklisting of Rise/Set. I'm so fucking happy with it right now.
If you follow videosforpictures, you'll have heard the vast majority of the songs already.

1. Smile
2. Map With Odd Directions (Replaced 'The Like Song, which would have been the weakest track on the album by far')
3. Little Wolf
4. Rotation/Spin
5. Pack Mentality
6. Pneumonia
7. Cyanide

I think it's going to be about 37 minutes, which is almost the length of a full album.

Problems I face with it right now:
1. I have no idea how Zane producing's going to work. We still can't drive, and we both live an hour apart. And in order to record and produce this album together we'd need a bare minimum of 40 hours. That's time that we can't really find since my parents never really have a reason to go up where he lives. I hope we can figure something out.

2. I'd like to do at least a little recording at home. This means that I need some type of recording device besides my camera. (Camcorder's just not gonna cut it.) I've been looking at 4-track recorders and I found one at a local music store for 260 with built in stereo mics and USB capabilities. If I can't record or produce with Zane, I'm gonna need something as a backup. That would be my backup.

But it's expensive. I don't have a job.
My dad's into the whole aspect of recording so I'm sure he'd be able to pay half. But I honestly don't know where i'm going to find 130 dollars. If I was thinking, I wouldn't have bought my PS3 and this wouldn't be a problem. Fuck my life.

3. I forgot the third thing... wait... This sucks. I literally forgot the third thing.
Oh yeah. Now I remember. I need to find some way of making income on this one. Unfortunately, my parents are extremely strict when it comes to giving out personal information to websites. And of course, earning money online involves giving the internet your personal information. So I need to somehow manage to persuade them. (All friends will get a free copy. You can relax)

I've just realized that when I freewrite, I tend to start a lot of my sentences with contractions. And stuff. But yeah. So...

The picture below won't be my album cover. It might be album ART (which I think is what I accidentally typed in the title) but it won't be the cover. I think I have an idea for the album cover, but involves converting a video to a picture. Which I think is impossible. But I'll see what I can do.

Well I think that's it.

Yeah that's it.

Bye now.



Long time, no blog.

I like the idea of setting goals for each month (an idea not stolen from anyone that goes by the name of Dave) so here they are:

-Finalize tracklisting for Rise/Set.
-Talk to Zane and see if the producing thing is going to work.
-Start looking for a 4-track.
-Start looking for an electric piano.
-Write at bare minimum 5 songs.

that'll do.