it's been awhile.

i've been pulling a Mangum the past couple months. at least from the internet. i don't really have much reason for it. i just haven't really felt the need to be updating as much. to make up for it, i'm making a vlog this weekend. finally.

although it feels like very little progress is being made on it, the album's actually almost finished. i'm in the midst of recording song 6 out of 7. 'carousel' is its name. album art's officially finished. here's the official, official, official, official tracklisting:

1. Carousel (recording)
2. Centralia (still not recorded)
3. Family (recorded)
4. Cougar Crossing (recorded)
5. Vermont (recorded)
6. Les miserables, partie deux (recorded)
7. Younger Dryas/Nacimiento/All Day Long (recorded)

i'm doing a couple 30 minute shows this summer. i don't have the necessary equipment in my possession, so i'm gonna have to rent out. but i'm still excited about it. THIS is what i want to do, moreso than recording.

i now have a girlfriend-ish. it's the first time since... a long time that i've had one. and she's lovely. <3

i'm almost halfway done with my highschool career. it's an absolute surreal feeling. it's times like these where i miss my childhood immensely. i have a shitton of summer schoolwork. my parents want me to get a job. i'm debating whether or not i even need one. (income from band T-shirts and this album thing should tide me over...

end transmission. i have a precalc final i should be studying for.