Boobs and a Friend's Music

You know what bothers me? When people on the Internet, mostly YouTube, decide that, to garner more views, they'll put "boobs" either somewhere in their title or as their main focus. It's an exploitation of peoples' stupidity, so it's just completely wrong on both ends. I'm looking at you, Shane Dawson.


Speaking of boobs, I got a physical copy of Menomena's new album "Mines"
last week. It's cover is of a statue of a naked
woman with her legs blown off. It's been sitting next to my desktop since I got it last week. My parents share the desktop, so they've probably, at some point, glanced over and seen boobs.

I feel awkward, and should probably move that CD into my room. ASAP.

By the way, that album is totally awesome, definitely get it. Whoever you are. There's truly something for everyone on it.


Now to what I actually wanted to talk about! My friend, Eliot, has started to experiment with noise and has been recording these experiments (e.g. music). He sent me this song, entitled ACOSRIP, and a) I really like the title and b) it's actually pretty interesting to listen to. There's a lot of evolution throughout it, and there's nothing that really tethers it together. It's just a completely ambient, synth-drenched trip-out that's really fun and relaxing to listen to, and I feel like other people should give it a go.


ACOSRIP (Eliot) by videosforpictures

I'm still looking at you, Shane Dawson.




JC, I'm not totally set on a release date yet. I still have to record one more song and get everything fully organized before I get it online. I'd say probably by the end of October.
Today sucked. Today was also great. Overall, today falls somewhere inbetween the two.

Two years ago, I fell into a social circle, and it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. We called ourselves "The Society of Losers" on and off. The name was a little cheesy, and I can kind of feel everyone cringe when someone says it, but I coined it, and I'm still proud of it, so be it. We made music together, we made movies/videos together, and we went to restaurants almost constantly. We were around each other a lot.

Today was the last day I spent with them before a lot of them start to head off to college. We're still going to see each other on occasion, but it's really not gonna be the same. I'm gonna be left to suffer one more year of high school, and they'll be doing... well, what college kids do. There's a little bit of fear that I'm gonna be left in the dust, there's actually a significant chance that will happen, since we've always kind of been together in being separate. Independence kind of ruled supreme a lot of the time with us.

But yeah, today was the last day I spent with them. We played a Dumbledore's Army show that went smoothly although we were really late, and then we went out to eat. We ate like kings. Well, they did. I had a veggie burger with sweet potato fries. And then, home. We unpacked my stuff and I started getting really, really sad. Not to the point of tears, I've been kind of fighting them since. But as we were moving things in, I envisioned them moving their stuff into their dorms and just kept meditating on "This is truly the end of an era."

It's tough letting people go. But you have to. Life.



HEY GUISE (probably talking to a wall at this point)!

I have a lot of things that I want to talk about, but I'm just going to be doing separate blogs for each one of them. Simply because I miss writing.

So, first of these will be about the album. I've been throwing around ideas for the last few months, but it's finally nearly in fruition. Here's some information.

The album's name will be Deficit. These will be the tracks:

1) Scape and pedicel. (just under 6 minutes, unrecorded)
2. Prison Hotel (Für Dugout Dick) - 2:35

3) PTSD - 6:22

4. Slow Clap - 1:34

5) Butcherbird - 3:45

6. Stay Sweet - 1:14

So it'll be about 20 minutes along. I'm hopefully gonna push it to some small labels and see how far I get. Fingers crossed, eh?

Styles on this album that I explore are shoegaze, classical, ambient, lo-fi, and straightforward rock. All centered around the piano, course. But there's a little bit of drumming/percussion. And a lot of noise, almost unbearable at points. Also, toy accordion.

This will be the cover, more or less:

For once, I'm excited to release something instead of reluctant.



Partially Me

Well, news. I just recorded a song, and it's nearly finished being mixed. Just needs a little something more at the end. Might post it on the Internet.

Friends are going off to college in a couple weeks. "See you later"s are becoming increasingly more tentative, and I'm bummed about that. But it's life, and life's happening, and I have to face that.

I've been reading more Bukowski, but I've been looking at it from a more positive angle. This one poem as a message to blossoming writers, has these lines:

unless it comes out of your soul
like a rocket
unless the sun inside you is
burning your gut,
don't do it.

It's gonna become a mantra for me. Only write when you're inspired, and you truly believe in what you're writing, otherwise you're not gonna like it and other people probably won't either. Oh, Bukowski. Maybe you weren't so bad after all.

Still a bit of an asshole though.
All of us are at some point or another.



Tomorrow, i'm recording.
Until I'm finished.

I've been formulating my speech for when I graduate. I'm pretty much locked in to be salutatorian, since I've been in that position for the past three years. And the salutatorian customarily makes a speech before the valedictorian. I guess I want my angle to be that by getting a diploma, we're evicted. We're evicted into this sea of sameness. And it's our job in life to fight that sea by finding our own voices, to kind of focus on what makes us unique entities. Otherwise, we'll lead bland lives, play-by-play, black and white. By doing what makes us us, whether it's creating something or possessing some unique talent, or whatever, we break free from the banes of everyday life, and pretty easily. Some people don't think they have this, and if you rack your brains and feel like you're incapable of creating something or incapable of possessing some unique talent, then do what Kurt Vonnegut told me to do: write a 6-line poem that rhymes, don't bother memorizing it, instead rip it up and throw it away in various trash cans, and be content with the fact that you have produced something that has x amount of value.

That's just the general idea thus far. I don't know.

Tomorrow, I'm recording the rest of this album.
Today, I painted concrete.
Tomorrow, I'll paint some more concrete.
Today, I played mini-golf.
Tomorrow, I'll not play mini-golf.
Today was spent in a stupor.
Tomorrow, I'll avoid inhaling paint fumes.
Today, I ran.
Tomorrow, I'll run further.
Today, there's been a song stuck in my head. it's called