I'm so glad the Internet exists.
I have three people working on artwork for the album already (Me, Jordan, and JC). And it's barely even started yet.

Thank you guys.

Come take me, come take me... AHHH

So Zane ended up at my house somehow. We managed to record LHC and my parts of Cyanide Lightyear, although I think we need to slow it down a little. It kind of feels and sounds rushed, and I should have mentioned that before Zane got into the drums. We didn't get the drums in time (he was only at my house for like an hour and a half) but we're making progress. I think what we're going to do is send stuff to each other back and forth. And eventually it'll be done.

So three posts in one day... but this is intense. And I'll be posting often. Stay tuned.


So as it turns out, Zane's mom is sick so he can't come down today. But I still managed to record a song and a half (the 'half' is the bonus track). I'm currently mixing the full song. Should take a couple days to get it the way I want.

One problem with my studio is that, for some reason, playback is almost silent. Could have something to do with the mic cable (we got the cheapest one: 20 feet for $30... says something about the quality) and the connection. I'm going to look into it a little more.

Otherwise, things are off to a great start.


It's Beginning.

-Zane will be at my house within the next two hours.
-My studio's working.
He's bringing his anyways. (probably for the better, because i haven't figured out everything yet... like getting my music onto computer... i need an obsolete type of USB cord... wish me luck in finding that.)

But I Am The Robot. is finally freaking starting and I can't wait.




Not Angry, Just Disappointed.

Well, it's official (semi). Zane's coming down next weekend to record and I Am The Robot will FINALLY get started, after 3 months of planning. THE tracklist:

1. Slip Case
2. Map With Odd Directions
3. Graph Paper
4. Adding to An Echo Chamber
5. The LHC
6. Obscura
7. Cyanide Lightyear

Although there might be an interlude in the middle between Obscura and Cyanide Lightyear which leads into Cyanide Lightyear. There (might/will) be a short, instrumental bonus track at the end called 'Feudalism.'

Alright... here's why I'm disappointed:
This isn't even the same album that I started with. The only similarity between the one in April and the one now is that Cyanide Lightyear is the last track and that there's seven tracks. Other than that, EVERYTHING'S CHANGED. All of the other songs have been scrapped, and the album's not even called Rise/Set like I was planning on. The album no longer follows the first half bright and the second half dark concept which was GREAT. Now it's just 7 songs that go well together. This is the main problem I have with songwriting: I always change my mind, and one thing always ends up being another. It's been going on since day 1 and it will continue until I stop writing music. It's my weakness.

But this will still be miles better than Very Three. I can guarantee that. I do believe that Zane's bringing down a dulcimer, banjo, and bass. And I have a 99cent kazoo that's barely functional and a cowbell.

And now I will leave you with Kimya Dawson:



It's Late.

Pretty much: the world's going to shit, i'm posting a video every day on videosforpictures all of a sudden, I almost died today, i'm starting to record soon, and summer's half over.





Thing 1: Idea Book.

I've started a book of... things.
Kind of like Luther's 95 Theses, only some of them attack the US, and some of them are just ponderings. I added 16 today, but I'm going to cut it down to about 1 a day. Just to get my brain juices a flowing.

Thing 2: Revised Tracklist

Slip Case
Map With Odd Directions
Graph Paper
Adding to An Echo Chamber
LHC (title subject to change)
Cyanide Lightyear

Thing 3: Recording
It's starting soon, but Zane is at SYMS until Friday, and I still have to wait another two weeks until I get my recording device. (Got a $152 paycheck, still need another 150 to get the recorder)

Thing 4: Artwork
I've been taking some pictures which might act as some type of artwork. Think inverted colors.

Thing 5: Nano-concerts
I might be putting up 10 second instrumental samples of the tracks in groupings of 3 on videosforpictures so people can get a taste of what it's going to sound like.

The end.



Time for a Lengthy Post.

Well... it's going to start soon. Zane and I have been talking and he might come down this weekend to start recording.
Slip Case isn't even itself anymore and Pack Mentality might be replaced. It's funny how I'm still constantly wanting to change the tracklist although it's going to be started soon. I've always been like that.

Music I want to have in my hands at this moment:
Modern Guilt- Beck
Viva La Vida- Coldplay
med sud i eyrum vio spilum endalaust (i got it right without looking. omg.) - Sigur Ros

In other news, I think I'm starting to lose my faith. I'm not getting into that right now, just putting it out there. Might make a video where I debate with myself.

In other, less important news, I beat Metal Gear Solid 4 on the easiest difficulty. Stepping it up to normal and I'm getting pwned by the FROGs in the first act. I suck at video games.

In other, more important news than the less important news, but less important than the other news, da band (snoozers) finally got around to writing a new song with lyrics. It's about the apocalypse and it's called Pittsburgh. Hopefully when they both go off to music camp, they'll find someone who can drum so I can assume the role of keyboard/vocals. *fingers crossed*

well. I've got to leave. so much for a long post. bye.


The Stare

An amazing performance from an amazing man.


Right, so Slip Case...

You're my plastic Excalibur
Everything that I've ever waited for
Hidden in a slip case I bought at a dollar store
Worthless on the outside

You're my soon to be gallows
Ten feet high with aluminum scaffolding
Hidden in an alleyway, waiting to catch me off guard
I'll be cut loose

You're my poisonous pencil
I can't say what I want without feeling sick
Hidden under paper that I'm about to pick up
Worthless on the inside.

It's heavy.

I love this:

1) Slip Case *NEW and staying in that position... permanently* - 3:07
2) Map With Odd Directions - 4:41
3) Graph Paper - 1:24
4) Adding to An Echo Chamber - 5:58
5) Pack Mentality - TBD
6) Obscura - 4:30
7) Cyanide Lightyear - TBD

I feel like I'm repeating myself. But this might be it.