I can haz publicity?

A lot's happened in the last 24 hours.

For starters, I was asked to write about the music I make for a concert guide. A concert guide for Richmond, Virginia. I live about 12 hours away from that. Regardless of the randomness, I accepted and wrote.

(to read the article, click da pic)

On top of THAT, one of my new songs, Butcherbird, was featured on an Internet radio show. It's called Bandit Box Radio. Although I like the first episode a hell of a lot more than the one I was on, I'm still a pretty big fan of what these guys are doing, which is to bring totally underground music to peoples' attention.

(to listen to the new track, click da pic and skip to 5:52.)

Now, to get back to reading Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. I'm only a chapter in so far, but it's just so great. Pretty much, this science-fiction writer drives someone insane by making him think that everyone else in existence is a machine except for him. Also, the US national anthem's a pile of lyrical nonsense. Seriously, if you hate reading, Vonnegut will make you love it. I always tell myself I'll never read for leisure, but I always find myself hooked whenever I read his works. I took down Slaughterhouse Five in less than a week. And Cat's Cradle is pretty awesome in its own right.