I've Finally Figured it Out.

Title of Album: I Am the Robot.

First track: Iamb the Robot
Segues into:
Second track: Map With Odd Directions

Third track: Graph Paper
Segues into:
Fourth track: Adding to an Echo Chamber

Fifth track: Pack Mentality
Segues into:
Sixth track: Obscura

Seventh track: Cyanide Lightyear.


In other news, I might be doing some type of film festival thing.
K bye.




Another short one that I think I'll tack on as a hidden track. It's pounding and aggressive, but it's in a major key. Each set of lyrics build up to just make this mass of confusion.

Ohh ohh ohh... (loop)
Devil's gonna set your lungs on fire (loop)
Fill them up with silica (loop)
Ignite (loop)

Ohh ohh ohh...


Graph Paper on Arcade Fire!

New song. Graph Paper (1:24)

I'm gonna step outside
Write my mind on graph paper
I'm gonna take a knife
And cut this world apart.
I'm gonna bang this drum
And tell the world it'll be OK.
I'm gonna tear the universe in half.

This song, despite it's length, might be one of the better songs on the album. (Consider... (I already forgot it's name... uh...) Friar Marco to be gone. ) The piano has this repeating theme throughout and halfway through the lyrics this pounding sound comes in. (Me kneeing the piano). And then after "tear the universe in half", I envision that there will be a pounding bass drum to accompany the piano kneeing. In the last few seconds, a B flat comes out of nowhere and sustains into the next song, "Adding to An Echo Chamber".

Songs in order of how much I like them:
Adding to An Echo Chamber (This is one of the few songs that I'm sure I'll be playing for a long, long time. Seriously, the last couple of times I played this, I ended up just falling off my stool. The song essentially ends with me slamming on my piano, although there's still a little bit of coherence.)
Cyanide Lightyear (I enjoy playing this song SOOOO much. Tires my left hand (That's what he said) but once I hit the instrumental part, it gets a well-deserved break.)
Map With Odd Directions (If I were to release singles off this, this would probably be the first one. It's one of the few songs I've written that rely on melody more than playing around with chords.)
Graph Paper (see above)
Psalm I (This used to be higher on my list, because I'm struggling to see which direction I'm going with it)
Pack Mentality (If I ever play this live, I'll be sure to add like a 3 minute intro solo type thing. I tried it out today and it sounded good. To me, at least)
Obscura (I like it, but without drums which is how I always hear it, it's very bland. although at the same time it's the most original song on the list. It's weird, I can't really explain it)

Wow, so I just pretty much gave a semi in-depth analysis of what I have right now. That wasn't intended. haha

Arcade Fire is now one of my favorite bands. I might need to do a redux of the top 10 bands video I made last week and include them on the list. Their live show looks AMAZING.

ta ta for now, bitches.



This is about hate on the Internet and the experience I had with it back in April. Enjoy?:

On April 22, I came home to 300 emails saying that I had new comments on my video “Re: My Life in 6 Words”. Upon seeing this, I involuntarily whispered a series of swears under my breath. I couldn’t believe it. I had been waiting for this massive amount of emails ever since I started uploading videos on to YouTube, because it serves as an indication that one of your videos is receiving an influx of views. When I checked to see if this was real, and not just some mistake on the site’s part, I learned that not only did I have 300 new comments, but the video had already been viewed more than 10,000 times since I left for school.

Earlier that month, I had been asked by ‘micahsamaniac’, a fellow YouTuber, to post a response to his video “My Life in 6 Words.” At first, I thought the whole concept of summing up life in a mere six words was a pretty challenging and stupid one. I mean, come on. Can you realistically sum your life up in six words without leaving a lot of things out? I soon realized that posting a response would give me more exposure, so I eventually came up with a lame response to his video, recorded myself saying it, and uploaded the video as a response to his. Several weeks later, Micah’s video was featured on the front page of YouTube. Videos that are featured tend to get hundreds of thousands of views before they move down the list and then finally disappear back into obscurity. His video had already received a whopping 200,000 views by the time I found out about his feature.

But I was still confused as to why I was getting so many views. I clicked on the link to his video. When the page loaded, I saw my face in black and white on the side of the screen at the very top of the related videos section of the page. Once people had finished watching Micah’s video, they started looking for responses. Mine was the first one that they saw, which explained why I was receiving so many views. When I figured all of this out, my heart started racing. I gazed at my computer in a euphoric state for a couple minutes, mouth agape. After my euphoria faded, I checked to see what some of my comments were. Unfortunately, not a lot of people responded well to the idea of summing up one’s life in six words. Micah’s video had 2 stars out of 5, which symbolized that he was NOT wanted on the front page. After posting hate comments on his video, the legion of haters spread to my response and started posting hate comments there. About 50% of the comments posted on my response were hate comments. In particular, there were a lot of comments that called me a fag, a homo, gay, etc. I figured that I would get a few of these, but I ended up receiving a lot more than I expected.

At first, I took all the hate comments as one big joke. I mean, come on. Can you REALLY assess someone’s sexuality just by watching them say six words? I responded to about a quarter of these comments in a sarcastic fashion. These people weren’t expecting me to comment back, but I did.
xsatanx666: wat a fag
ofarevolution441: Really? Thanks for the info.
Yet even after my constant replies, the hate continued. After about a half hour of replying, responding to all of the comments became an umbrage. The haters started to get more creative and personal with their insults, and on top of that, the hate started to proliferate to my other videos as if it were a virus. Although there were some people that were supporting me, the hate actually started to personally affect me. I left a comment saying that I was done, set the video to private so no one could see it, and then took the video down altogether. I briefly considered deleting my account, but once the video was gone, the haters left as well. What remained were new friends that offered me support. That’s the one positive thing that I gained from this experience.

The fact that so many people were tossing around the words ‘gay’ and ‘fag’ just absolutely disgusted me. I’m not gay, and I felt offended to be mislabeled. Straight people don’t like to be called gay because it makes them feel less confident in their own sexuality. Gay people don’t like being called fags because it’s insulting. And yet, it happened. Since that whole experience, I haven’t received one ounce of hate.

The Internet: the world’s hip, new vehicle of communication, commerce, and entertainment. I, personally, am on the Internet for about 4 hours a day checking various websites for various reasons. The majority of my time is spent on YouTube, a video sharing network where I’ve managed to garner over 700 regular viewers. The Internet has become involved in my daily routine, as it has for millions of other teenagers and adults around the world. But recently, I’ve realized that the Internet is not the utopia that I first thought it was when I was first connected back in early 2006. The Internet, as it turns out, is a haven for racism and hate.
The reason that I think the Internet is so chockfull of hate is because it’s a medium through which people can express opinions and ideas freely. There is no such thing as law on the Internet, there are no restrictions on what you can put on the Internet. People can block websites to prevent seeing things they don’t want to see, but it still exists for the rest of the world to see. Since so many people use the Internet, many people can be exposed to racist and hateful ideas and spread them.

The Internet has opened the doors for communication. Long-distance communication in the human race has never been faster than it is today. This also means that the communication of ideas are spreading faster than ever. These ideas can be positive, but they can be negative. One of these ideas seems to be that you can say racist and hateful things on the Internet without any major backlash. The bad thing (although I guess it can sometimes be a good thing) about the Internet is that you can make various accounts on various websites, say malevolent things, and then delete the accounts. Maybe the worst thing that could happen to you is a coworker could track you down and tell the boss that you‘re doing this, possibly resulting in the loss of your job and the disrespect of your peers. But this doesn’t occur that often, although I think it should. Your identity can potentially remain a COMPLETE secret as you type controversial things. Upon further inspection of the YouTube accounts that posted the hateful comments on my video, I found blank pages that didn’t give any information on the person. I find this as sheer cowardice. These people that hide behind safety nets and throw stones are the definition of cowards. Freedom of speech does mean that people can say what they want, when they want, but there are boundaries. Now, I don’t want this country to turn into an Orwellian dystopia, so I don’t want freedom of speech to have strict exceptions. But I believe that there should be compassion for the people that face being talked behind their backs every day.

The Internet provides evidence that hate is stronger than it’s ever been because it provides fast communication of ideas, there’s no large backlash if you do post hateful remarks or construct hate websites, and it’s even affected innocent people like me. The problem with hate on the Internet is that not a lot can be done to stop it. There is no president of the Internet.


Well I burnt my brain to figure out what was wrong, and truth be told it was me all along.

Someone shoot me in the face please.

It sucks when you spend 15 extra minutes on a quiz and still know that you failed it as soon as you pass it in. Especially if it's an open notes quiz.

The quiz was on optics. Physical science is usually an easy class. But curveballs get thrown. And sometimes they curve too much. It turns out that the lower a material's index of refraction, the less light bends when passing through it. There were about 8 questions on that. I thought it was the other way around. It turns out that real images can be projected on a screen, not virtual images.

On top of getting all of that wrong, I only did one part of most of the two part questions and I guessed on about half of all the other ones.

You're thinking "You overreact too much". Well I do. But this might result in the end of my ten year all A's streak.

Why? Because I was assuming that it would be based more on the worksheets we were given which were the ONLY things we had done with optics. Instead there were things pulled from the book that I had never even heard of (optical density?).
This is supposed to be about 30% of our final grade, because our teacher was replaced by another one and they lost all of the work that we had previously done.

The good news is that it will be scaled (at least, I hope. some of the other kids were looking pretty confident... somehow) and we can make corrections which can improve our grade by half of what it originally is. So if we get a 50 (and there's a possibility that i DID) then you can up it to 75 by making necessary corrections. So maybe it's not the end of the world. But there's a possibility that it could be.



Robot Intro?/Drums!

Hello, i am the robot.
My name is videosforpictures.
Sometimes I make songs when i am happy, other times i am not so happy.
(static) -volved
Here is my
here is my
here is my
here is my
here is my music.
track 1 commences in 5 4 3 2 1.

... it sounds a lot cooler when heard. might be either a track 0 or a hidden track at the end. won't be an actual intro though.

I just applied drums to Psalm I for fun just to see what it sounds like. It felt a little too fast-paced, which didn't really help but I got a good feeling of what the song will sound like. Right now, i'm stuck over whether there should be a crash cymbal during the intro or if i should save it and then just let it blow up in the climax. I think i'm going to go with the latter, but i'm not entirely decided yet.

Map with odd directions is going to be good with drums too. It's already safe to say that.
Friar Marco will probably only be half-drummed.
ATAEC is going to be nightmarish to record drums on, but i'll at least attempt it. If not, it'll be just piano.
Pack Mentality... is already just drums, so I know how that sounds...
Obscura will be segued in by the drums on Pack Mentality which I think will sound great.
Cyanide Lightyear should sort of be like Psalm I: I won't really know when to get aggressive and not. The intro's going to be a bitch to drum. (The intro's like 2349 times faster then what you hear on youtube, but it sounds 2349 times more amazing)

Long story short, I don't know if all the songs will have drums, because I'm still transitioning between just piano and more instruments. (There will be kazoo and cowbell, by the way)

Alright. Well I've got it all planned out. Now I just need something to record it with.



Too Pooped to Pop

W/E that means...
I sent my part for "Let the Distance... " FINALLY. So you should see that in your hotmail inbox by now.

I had a whole post but it messed up.

New song. Life Outside of the Pacific elements rehash. Still sounds good. Slow pace. Picks up. Jumps off cliff. Lands on trampoline. Utilizes line: "Don't know, tell me."

Cowboy dan's a major cowboy in the cowboy scene. He goes to the reservation, drinks, and gets mean.

I'm going now. Gotta work on ENGLISH ESSAYS OF DOOM.

...what a weird post.



ahhh ahhh ahhh...

I just played the current tracklisting through:

1) Psalm 1
2) Map With Odd Directions
3) Little Wolf
4) Adding to An Echo Chamber
5) Pack Mentality
6) Obscura
7) Cyanide Lightyear

It's sounding awesome. It clocks in at 32 minutes , ten minutes longer than Very Three. And it's going to be a hell of a lot better.

I still don't know when it's going to be out. Unfortunately, I'm going to probably be sick of these songs by the time I start recording, which should be sometime in late summer. I think what I'm going to do in order to eliminate getting sick of them is set them aside, write new material for another EP, get enough material built up for that and then record the two EPs at once. Possibly. In fact, it might just become one big album if that DOES happen. Just speaking hypothetically though.

I feel like I should be doing something...

Right now I have 35 dollars saved up for my Tascam DR-1 recorder with built in stereo mics, 320 kbps MP3 quality, USB connection, and low frequency eliminator to eliminate handling and wind noise. AMAZING. And it's only 300 bucks. It'll be just my luck that they'll stop selling them by the time I have enough money for it.

I'm excited! Lifeisgreat.




I still have another two weeks of school after this one.
I'm about to explode.
I will explode.
Everywhere else around the world. Is done with school. Except for me.


Your Votes Don't Count

Their votes count.

Our world's slowly slipping into 1984.


Psalm I - 5:46

Psalm I- 5:46
Slowly but surely, I sink
Into the calm waters of the ocean
So for now I'll settle for a corner of your mind
Where omnipotently I'll whisper obscenities into your ear.

It's not often that I say I love my own work...






C'est le 1er juin.

Lots of changes are coming to Rise/Set. In fact, it might not even be called Rise/Set anymore, and it might not even be just an EP.

Today, I wrote a song called "Psalm I" (title subject to change).
There's a 90% chance that it will replace Smile (It's Morning) as the first track on the EP.
It's still very epic, don't you worry. 5:35 in length.

And I think that Adding to An Echo Chamber might replace Cyanide Lightyear as the last track. Naturally, Echo Chamber's expanding to a 6 minute epic.

Je dois ecrire un papier pour ma classe de francaise :( .