Since I've had absolutely nothing to do today except for kill time, I managed to write two songs today. I've already scrapped the first one, but the second one still remains. It's a short one (like all of the songs I write nowadays, it barely breaks 2:30.) And I forgot how it went...

And i won't be able to find out how it went because my mom's sleeping. Just got out of shoulder surgery and she's trying to sleep.
Might be like that for a couple of days...




Ok, so the Tigger vs. Buzz Lightyear video's finally on it's way to Youtube. Which is great, i'm extremely proud of it and I think it'll be one of the best videos that I make.

But my perfectionism nearly prevented the video from even being put up.
The center screenshot would always be off by a few hundredths of a second. I had to fix that.
There had to be a second of blackscreen after the video had finished so the whole thing can be seen. I had to fix that.
I had to adjust the center screenshot so that it would fit in the new time slot that the black screen created.
After all of these, I had to make sure that the titles were lined up.
It was miserable, probably the most miserable time that i've ever had trying to make a video.
But it's done, and in an hour it'll be up on Youtube.

Rise/set's still looking the same since I last updated (I think)
1. Smile
2. Like Song
3. Little Wolf
4. Rotation/Spin
5. Cyanide Lightyear
6. Either Obscura or Pack Mentality (not sure yet)
7. Pneumonia

Zane and I were considering starting to record this Saturday. Don't know if that's going to happen because I have to go to a surprise birthday party which my parents claim 'is far more important.' So we'll see.



I think i'm going to start soon.

A new song in the mix called "little wolf". It's on videosforpictures and i really like it. it's simple, but powerful.

So I'm thinking:

1) Smile (It's Morning)
2) The Like Song
3) Rise/Set
4) Rotation/Spin
5) Cyanide Lightyear
6) Pack Mentality
7) Pneumonia
8) Little Wolf (It's Evening)

I'm liking how that looks.


It's Quiet Now.

So as you may or may not know, I was semi-featured. (first related video on a featured video)
At first, I loved it. It was the first time I had received any hate. Some of the comments were positive, but most of them were negative.
But then it slowly started to tear away at me.
To the point where I couldn't take it and I privated the video.

Why is there so much hate? It's a fucking website.



A Song About Fear

I think I just wrote the title track. It's called Rise/Set... obviously. And it's very good, very basic, and very short. Well, I just played it through the first time and it was 2:30 something, but there's a lot of stuff to be cut out. I think I'll push it down to 2:00.

smile (it's awesome)

Warning: I'm about to describe one of my songs with as much detail as I possibly can. If you want to be surprised, then I suggest that you don't read this post.

I may have said that Cyanide Lightyear is my masterpiece, but I wasn't thinking about Smile (It's Morning) when I said that. If Cyanide Lightyear is my masterpiece, then Smile is my epic opus.

The song clocks in at about 11 minutes. The first minute is a repeating theme. The theme's done 4 times in 15 second intervals for a minute. It's sort of like the prologue of a story. At the one minute mark, the first melody plays, right hand only. The second time the left hand joins, but there's no rhythm. The third time, the left hand has rhythm and I hum quietly along with the melody. The fourth time, everything repeats, except for that the melody has a slight variation to it. The fifth time, octaves in the right hand, rhythm in the left hand. Sixth time, everything repeats, except for the slight variation of the melody again. This section feels really insignificant throughout most of the song until the end when it all ties back in.

This section leads into another one. The meat of the song, if you will. After a little improvisation, I start singing. (Last time I timed it, I started singing at 3:40)
It's morning
Wake up with my mouth half open
Half shut
It's time to get up
And say goodbye to everyone
Leave the door
Half shut

A little more improvisation.

Atomic bomb dream
Can't seem to process it
In my head
Half shut
It's morning
I'm sick of the same shit
That I always seem to get
Half shut

More loud and climacticness...

Talk back to the world
I dare you.

From there, the song enters yet ANOTHER new section. This is the transition between the original theme and the theme just played. It's the darkest part of the song, it could almost be a song in itself if I wanted it to be.

One left goes right
Two rights go north
Three rights go left
...Four lefts go nowhere.

The song builds up for a minute, and then dies out again. I then throw in a dissonant chord, which you don't really get until it ties back in with the second section (part after the 'prologue'). After minutes of feeling lost and confused, you're back to where you started. From there, the song once again builds up to a climax and stops on a very high F6. From there, broken F chords all the way down to the middle. And then a rootless G chord in both hands. Quite the anticlimactic ending to a rather epic and climactic song.

If this made no sense to you, then I guess it's for the better.
I can't wait until you hear this.



Alright Enough of this Drawing Board BS...

Time for an actual blog.

Pack Mentality is processing as we speak. It's definitely the most out there song that I've put on videosforpictures, I hope that no one thinks I'm psycho for writing it.

The whole planning phase of the album is done for the most part (Just need to sort out what's going on with the last 2-3 songs, everything else sounds in place). I lost the notebook that I had all my ideas the album in at school and I have yet to find it. Pretty piassed about that.

This is way more exciting than Very Three to me because unlike Very Three, Rise/Set's going to have some composition to it. It's not just going to be a random compilation of songs I've recorded, it's going to be the real thing.

Well as short as that was, that's all for now. I'm still waiting for Pack Mentality to process. Blah.



Drawing Board

This is my drawing board.

Smile (It's Morning)
The Like Song
Insomnia/Pack Mentality
Cyanide Lightyear (It's Evening)

Song rearrangement counter : 5
Edit: 4/9/08: 7:48 PM
Just had a great idea. Cyanide Lightyear takes on the subtitle (It's Evening) and moves down to the last track. Lightyear's second part will take on the name of (It's Evening).
This is fun. :D
The edit below's a lot more exciting, read that one as well.

Edit: 4/9/08: 7:32 PM
A new song in the mix entitled "Pack Mentality" is up for consideration. I'm considering conjoining Insomnia and Pack Mentality to make one final track, since they're both about 2 minutes in length. I plan on the song being just drums if it's ever recorded, because I want the song to be stripped down and tribal. Me singing very quietly adds a nice touch, methinks. I'd post the lyrics but they require more editing before they're complete. I've done a couple of dry run-throughs and I think it deserves to go on the EP.

Humming Hymns has taken the title of "Rotation/Spin" and "Rotation 4" has taken the title of "Metronome".

Oh and by the way, just a little non-important side note:
The album is going to be titled RISE/SET.

Edit: 4/8/08: 5:06 PM
Looks like I've done a lot but I really haven't.

Edit: 4/7/08: 9:35 PM
-Moving 'Cold Blooded Killer' to either bright side or dropping it completely. Once again, the second half of the album needs to completely contrast the first side. Cold-blooded killer fits more on the bright side.
-Might cut the second half of Cyanide Lightyear out and then insert Insomnia as an outro to Cyanide Lightyear and album. It'd make a good closer.
-Cold-Blooded Killer would make a good second song. I'm doing that. See how that looks/sounds. -I'm changing the titles of Cold-Blooded Killer and possibly Cyanide Lightyear so that they fit together more with their respective parts of the album.
-Just realized: Smile (It's Morning) = waking up and Insomnia = falling asleep. *pats self on back*

Edit: 4/7/08 : 7:04 PM
-Zane McHolyFreakingPoop will most likely be producing my new album.
-The album's going to be a lot more ambient than the last one. Half will be bright, Half will be dark. The turning point = Rotation 4. (Rotation 4: Rotation = Turning Point, 4 = Fourth Song)



O, to be a machine!

Time to blog.
I've found myself wanting to post on this more than I have Youtube. This blog is like my Internet safety net. Nowadays, I feel like I need to please everyone with every single video that I make. That's why a lot of them have been shit lately.

Music I want:
Raconteur's new album (that I didn't even know existed until yesterday)
The Black Key's new album (possibly, not like their other stuff @ all)
Everything that Menomena has ever made
Cold war Kids - robbers and cowards (wanted it for a while, but i've never actually got around to purchasing it)
Viva la Vida or death and all his friends by Coldplay... although it doesn't come out until June. *waits outside Best Buy for the next few months*

Things I've been called in the last week:
Youtube whore
Kermit the Frog
Boo Radley

Public schools are great for the self-esteem. :D

Also, Cyanide Lightyear's now up on videosforpictures. Thanks again to Dave for putting it on auto-play on his channel. (although he doesn't want me to thank him for some weird reason) hmm... *starts to think that i AM a Youtube whore*

Might put up a new video soon. I haven't really wanted to, but now that I have an audience of nearly 400 people (I have 450 subscribers, but you know that a few of those people just did an automatic subscription adder) I feel almost forced into making a video. It's almost as if Youtube isn't fun for me anymore. Maybe I'll make a retreat channel where I subscribe to the same people and do the things I did before I started vlogging. Those were the better days for me.

Until next time!



I Have Just Written My Masterpiece.

Going on V4P. Immediately.
It's called 'Cyanide Lightyear' and starts off heavy and dark and then turns out to be angelic and has an abrupt ending and it's just... everything i've ever wanted to write in a song.

"what the hell."
go me!