Another tracklisting to shove down your throat:

I just like having these things written down, mmk?

01. gargling mouthwash (done)
02. mystery jesus and the wonder wheel (done)
03. paper crane
04. three neighbors (done)
05. adding to an echo chamber (done)
06. wake up your eyes (done)
07. the lhc (done)
08. pots and pans
09. jonestown (being recorded)
10. apartment (done)


Update 3:

Finished Belly Up. Possibly the best thing I've written. Note the emphasis on the 'the'. Yeah.

I'm going to be getting little or no recording time this week as my mom's on a weeklong vacation. And I'm gonna need to get loud on the rest of the songs that I need to record. And she doesn't like loud. Which leads to her interrupting me. And then i get angry because I was in the midst of laying down a perfect take... as you can guess, this has happened MULTIPLE times.

Things that need to be done this weekend:
- a good 10-12 hours of homework
- one song
- level 10 on i'minlikewithyou (iminlikewithyou.com (you are bound to get addicted.))
- un video pour l'autumn sessions
- possible horror film recording.

Yes, I'm working on a 'horror' film. It's called "Trebor Slaughterhouse from Nodnarb V". Here's the link to the first bit, but there's two things you should know before watching:
1. there's a gratuitous amount of swearing done by one character, so viewer discretion is advised.
2. we aren't using the intro where robert's like "oh my god, i'm so scared, etc."

(I'm T-Bone McGraw.)


And that's it.



Update 2:

i've come to the conclusion that map with odd directions is inoperable.
cross that off the list.

Instead, I wrote another one called Belly Up. It's still in the process of being finished, but it would definitely be a good replacement. (similar length, fits well with the mood, etc.)

Also need to do another vocal take on Three Neighbors...
Been listening to:
Radiohead B-sides (Gagging Order, Paperback Writer, Talk Show Host, etc. in some cases, I think they're better than the actual album material. which is nice. :)

Bright Eyes (Lifted has grown on me, as predicted)

Animal Collective (new album in 2 months omg)

Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. I love the story behind how it was made and the music itself. Just all around amazing stuff. Strongly recommended.
I plan on getting Panda Bear's Person Pitch next.

two to three songs to go. might be done by the end of the month.



Update 1:

I have 8 songs done. (Although 2 are instrumental and more interludes than anything)

I'm pretty sure the final product will have 10 or 11 tracks. couple more adjustments need to be made on the 8 finished ones before I tackle the last 2 to 3. but i'm so close. there's a chance that this could come out by the end of the year.

It's short so far. I'm pretty sure the 8 songs i have right now run for 24 1/2 minutes.

A lot of the album so far is semi-electronic. There's only one entirely acoustic track. (well... two counting one of the interludes). Zane's produced two songs and they both sound amazing. I have two more songs in mind for him.

I've FINALLY arrived at an album title: "The Gang's All Here..." I have an album cover in mind. Lots of artwork already put together too.

so excited that this is happening. i haz big of a happy.