WB = lone exception.

Complete Stand-Still

Listen to the ambience around you.

You hear that? That's the sound of me right now. Ambience. Near-silence.

My mind has stopped coming up with anything creative, I'm resorting to little kid lines, doing more and more simplistic music and lyrics, driving me to the point of writer's block.

I'm writing this on a laptop (that someone was kind enough to lend me) in a diner right across the street from the Point. A couple of men are peering around at their surroundings, most likely stuck in the same position as me. One has a guitar, seeming desperate to write something. He's in probably his mid 30's, and he looks well past his prime. He would never get his chance at stardom now, which is what you can tell he clearly wants. Another sips his coffee and has a pen in hand, writing what is almost guaranteed to be lyrics. 5 minutes later, he's out of the diner, and most likely out of town too.

Writer's Block Point is not a pretty sight. It's views are covered with murky fog, it's waters are green and brown, and nothing can really inspire you out here. But this is where my music has brought me, and I have to wait for it to drive me back. Home, to where I can actually start coming up with complex chord progressions and lyrics that aren't so shallow.

The water is shallow here at the Point. There's no one here, everyone that drives by, drives by in disgust. Lyrics that come to my head here slowly evaporate into the thick air. It's like the fog sucks it out of my head almost. This low atmosphere's starting to bring me down a little bit.

Writer's block has given me inspiration to write before, but this time, it's really punishing me. So maybe I can write something about not being able to write anything. It might be a few more days before they finally think I've learned my lesson, it might be a few hours, but for now, my music and lyrics are making sure that I can't write anything.

A waitress's cigarette smoke is distracting me, so I have to get out of this shabby restaurant and go back to waiting. Maybe I can finally wake up from this nightmare now.



POST #100!

I never thought I could keep this going for so long...

4 months... wow.

By the way, I burned my hand... again. On the same oven. Making the same thing.

This time, though it was only 1st degree.

1st degree - no blister
2nd degree- blister
3rd degree- skin turns black

... I think.

So anyways... HAPPY 100th POST from the people that run this blog... as in... just me.



Check Him Out...


Zane is the definition of coolness.

He's releasing his newest album "Songs Inspired By Things That Inspire Others" sometime next week. Excited about that.

We're in talks of doing a cover of Bukowski by MM.

In the meantime, I just posted Internal Clock up on Da Myspace. Bonkers about that, because now I don't have to post my music in video form anymore.

On another side note, I created a little ending to Cyanide Lightyear that's like a lullaby... and strangely might be the most musical song I've created.



Technical Difficulties...

I'm having trouble getting Internal Clock onto myspace for some reason.

It'll be up soon. I hope.


Jay's Got A Myspace!



Goof Troupe...

Cyanide Lightyear ends in E flat major, not A flat major.


Back From SYMS...

And it kicked ass.

I was in the jazz band, played three songs.
Opus One, Autumn Twlight, Afro Blue.
Messed up a lot, but nobody heard me anyways.

Skipped my piano recital.

Made some new friends.
Met a kid named Zevi. He was sketchy.

Took theory class, teacher's name was Carl.
He was cool.

Hung out a lot in the dorms we stayed in.

During the week, went to John Mayer/Ben Folds concert.
That was awesome.

Ben Folds was better.

Ate Wheatables.
They went stale. :(

Wrote a song called Cyanide Lightyear.
Starts in C minor, ends in A flat major.

There was a dance and a barbershop quartet group thing there.

Acquired a better taste of jazz.

Still hate classical.

And that was my week.



Off To SYMS...

... I'll see if I can access a computer there sometime during the week to update. I plan on writing a couple songs there...

Wrote a new one from the ashes of an old song called "From Now".

Millions of years from now
Thousands of miles from here
I might be here, I might be there
But I'll promise I'll be near.

Otherwise, not much "creative juice" has been flowing through my head lately.

Too busy with SYMS. (Summer Youth Music School, if you're too lazy to look back and see what it stands for.)

I'm going to a John Mayer/Ben Folds concert on Tuesday. YES!

So... if I don't update... I'll see ya in a week!



Songs I'm Keeping. Period.

From left to right: Cash in On Memory 7, A.M. Only, Period Zero, Automatic Caution, and Lay My Soul Down.

Not pictured: You and Whose Army? and Effect of Gamma Rays on the Man in the Moon.


Avant-Garde Stuff

I have this thing that is like a circular harmonica in my hand right now. It's actually called a keymaster and you use it to find pitch. It's great, but you can only play one note at a time.

Maybe I'll use it.

I'm also doing a song that consists of me hitting two drums (muted floor tom and bass drum) and me singing over it. And that's it. But it sounds extremely good.

And on a side note, my secret video has 250 views. 200 more than Internal Clock (Rough Draft). Not what I wanted when I wanted views.



My video response to Charlieissocoollike's "Tell Me Your Secrets..." already has 20 more views in 2 hours than Internal Clock accumulated in 2 months.


(Now 80 more views in 3 hours)


Live Earth

What a load of CRAP.

What good is it gonna do for the Earth? If anything, it's just polluting it more. The amps alone are putting more carbon into the air than we are planning to save with this "great idea."

Why do you think Gore is doing this? Do you really think he's doing this to help save the Earth?

No. He's honestly just doing this for money and publicity.

If Gore was actually putting his virtually brain-dead mind into action, he would consider an acoustic event! Or maybe the music we listen to today has developed to the point where the average American citizen can't sit through an entire acoustic performance.

Are we really going to gain money through this? NO! Because people are going to be too busy sitting on their ass watching the damn thing than actually considering a donation!

And do you think the artists are doing it to help either? Once again... NO! They're doing this for the same reason everyone else involved is doing it for. MONEY. Not for the benefit of the Earth.

Just a terrible, terrible idea.


You and Whose Army?

I'm doing a cover of it.



9 Minutes?

Well Cash in On Memory 7 just decided to blow up into a 9 minute, minimalistic masterpiece overnight.

I've been playing this 9 minute version over and over again, dividing each piece into movements instead of improvising the whole way through like I tend to do... (bad habit)

I love it.

I've also been editing the crap out of Internal Clock again, making it a souped up, better version. Look for a revised version on my youtube profile sometime in the near future.

Maximum respect, everybody.