i got signed.

kind of.
it's more like an affiliation.
so I just got affiliated.
with 'inverse music group'.

i'm kind of shocked.
this is like, a major step.
towards being out there.

the guy that runs it is named ben. he only asks for 5%. and he's gonna help with promotion and distribution. and from what i've seen, he's put a couple of bands in his area on the map.

so i'm excited about this.
very, very, very, very, very excited.

in other news, i've just realized how much stuff i've recorded from the start of this blog until now. about 25+ songs. and i want to release it all. so i'm thinking that after i release 'Dryas' (which is now almost halfway done), i'll release a double album of unreleased stuff. Title to be determined.

so that's what's happenin'.
i'm ecstatic.





cinder blocks are frozen at the ...

four songs are recorded, one's entirely finished. i'm writing another right now and i'm gonna get at least one recorded over the weekend.

that is all.




so i was reading howard zinn yesterday (always an enlightening/depressing experience) and in chapter 15, i came across a lumberjack/IWW member named Frank Everett. at this point in history, the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World, militant labor union) was trying to recruit lumberjacks in Centralia, Washington. On Armistice Day, 1919, the American Legion marched past the IWW headquarters in Centralia and attacked. Among those being attacked in the headquarters was Frank Everett.

I wrote a song based on the events:

Looking out from the headquarters
The headquarters in Washington
Looking out from your headquarters
Your headquarters in Washington
Open fire in your army jacket
Your army jacket, into the crowd
Open fire from your army jacket
Your army jacket, into the crowd
Run now, into the woods
Where they'll track you down and they'll find you out
Run now, into the woods
Where they'll track you down and they'll find you out

They'll lock you up...
...and they'll drag you out.

Goodbye, Frank Everett
You are not looking so hot
Good try, Frank Everett
You got tied up, you got shot.

As you could probably tell from the lyrics, Everett's fate is not a good one. Upon firing a rifle at the legion, he was chased by a mob into the woods. he put up a fight, but was ultimately captured by the pack. he was then tied up to a telephone pole and thrown into a jail. That night, he was kidnapped and dragged out of his cell. He was de-genitaled and hanged on a bridge, where he was then shot at multiple times.

The reason Zinn put this in the chapter is because 1) it shows how disgusting mob mentality can be and 2) no one was ever charged for Everett's torture, while 11 members of the IWW (known as wobblies, hence the title) were charged for killing a member of the Legion... which is wrong, seeing as how the Legion planned the attack on the IWW, and not vice versa.

Obviously, I'm not going to include all the gruesome details of the story in my song. I like the tied up and shot line because it kind of keeps the song from getting too violent/scary, but it still gives an idea of what happened. The music for this song is just a tom-tom and a ride cymbal, no piano. I think if it were to go on an album, it would bring about a nice change in pace. Because I don't think there will be any drums on the songs I have in mind right now.

So yeah, thought I'd share that with you.




i haven't recorded anything in ages. both video and audio. i blame my real life for it. my driver's ed course, while not difficult at all, took up so much of my afterschool life that i couldn't do anything other than homework when i got home. now that it's over, and track doesn't start for a couple of weeks, i'm hoping to get back on track with both my music and my main channel.

1. music

i have six songs that can be recorded at any time now. i wanted to record over vacation (last week) but I was too busy with driver's ed and skiing and tubing and spending two days at my brother's house and rearranging my living room and... yeah. it was a pretty busy vacation.

what i have on paper looks like this:

Family (new, tentative title)
Cougar Crossing
Les miserables, partie deux (formerly ce que je veux. no, it's not in french)
Younger Dryas
Nacimiento (new-ish, in that it's been around for a while, but it's the first time it's ever been considered for an album)

In other news, Zane and I were planning on concocting an album for the RPM Challenge, but I have absolutely NO idea what happened to that. February, the month when the album is supposed to be recorded, has come and gone.

In more news, I'm thinking of posting a cover of At The Hop by Devendra Banhart on one of my channels. Might be videosforpictures, I've been meaning to revitalize that channel for a long time.

In even MORE news, I'm once again planning to be in the school talent show for two acts: The Snoozers and videosforpictures.

2. videos
I haven't posted any videos on my main channel in 2 and a half months. Which is by far my longest dry spell. I have a couple of ideas in my mind, one being general vloggery, another about Dailybooth, another being a... thing set to some old school Daft Punk.

I also want to get back into watching more.
So yeah. Time to get things going again.