Never mind.

Remember when this blog was called 'A Day In The Life Of A Teen Musician?' Well. I'm still 19, and still technically a teen musician. And about 1800 days later, I can safely say that we made it. I started this blog when I was 14 with a few covers in mind and the beginnings of a few songs. And now, after 4 EPs and a 16-track compilation, I'm going to release my first proper full-length in the summer (with a friend, of course. videosforpictures has doubled in size). If I had known this was where I'd be 5 years ago, I'd be pretty shocked. I don't have a substantial fanbase at all, but I've put out a lot of music. 5 years ago, I thought recording in a studio was the only way to commit music to tape. I didn't think that I'd ever record more than a couple of songs. I've since put out 40 songs, and recorded probably close to 100. That's huge.

It's a personal legacy.

And I'm pretty proud of it.

And who knows what the next 5 years will bring?

Fuck it, maybe I won't take this blog down after all.

No. I'm going to start talking again. 

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